Why can't I get over my trip on weed?

Okay so I used to be a MAJOR pot head, I mean the first few times smoking I did freak out and I wanted it to be over, but soon I was in lovee with weed. Until one day I smoked more than I had ever smoked before, and trust me thats a lot. This time it wasn’t from a reliable source, so at first I thought it was laced. At first it was fun until everything changed, my heart started beating way to fast and I became numb. This buzzing noise was in my head and I started to feel pain. I told them I needed to do something to distract me, so we tried. The things that happened before things got REALLY bad were; my vision split into three rectangles, I felt like I was looking out of the eyes of a mouse, I had this HORRIBLE repeat feeling and I thought it would never end. I felt like I wasn’t me anymore. I needed to go inside and sleep,.. bad choice. It got worse from there. When I closed my eyes and fell asleep things got more vivid, and I thought I was still awake. I went to other parrallel universes, atleast 60 of them, and it hurt my head worse than any pain I have EVER felt. It felt like a drill was going thru my head. Everything Kept zooming in yet everything was still clear, it hurt my head so badly. It would keep zooming in till I could see past atoms. Sometimes I would go to other places where I would only see a circle and the rest would be black around me. I also went to a place where I had an out of body expierience, I was in the corner of a room looking down at myself, I was looking at me curled in a ball and crying, and my friends were looking stupid being high ignoring me except for one of them who was trying to calm me down. (thats how you know who your true friends are), and all I could see was the floor, and there was no walls just stars and the universe.. I saw my past lives and all the different people I have been. One room I saw my friends as frogs, it was insane. Then things got even worse, I went to my own personal hell, I kept going down and down deeper into hell and my worst fears (one of them being death, the repeat feeling and the feeling of eternity that it will never end) kept becoming more real and even worse than I could imagine. I remember going through a tunnel, it was my way of getting to different universes. When I got to the highest point I was sitting on a chair by myself. I was in a white room and the buzzing noise was so intense, I could hear my brain cells popping. I could see beyond atoms and beyond anything the human eye can. Then it would start all over again from the first universe I went too, there I had hallusinations of my friend looking me dead in the eye telling me we’ve been dead, and that we’re in hell. She also would say ‘here comes the depressed part’, and I would start balling my eyes out saying I just want this to end, then she would say ‘here comes the angry part,’ and I would scream make this end! by the third time I had repeating the trip from begenning to end, I had gotten annoyed, I really just wanted it to end. Once I stopped being scared and just straight up annoyed, I went shooting straight down to the bottom of hell. It was UNBEARABLE. I started screaming for God, but I felt as if he couldn’t hear me, or that it was to late for God, but I didnt give up. I kept screaming and praying, even though I had an empty soul. All of a sudden, I saw a split in my vision, there was a top and a bottom, on the top there was this amazing white light with a white sword, one the bottom there was this dark hellish looking thing that reminded me of darth vador, hahah, and they had this battle, I could tell it was over me. I watched this and then I realised I had to choose what I wanted, either to be stuck in this hell forever or to be happy with God, I choose God, and I remember talking to God, he explained life to me within a few sentences, then the trip came to a complete stop. Everything became completely normal, I started balling my eyes out with joy, I was SOO happy it was over. Later, I asked my friend what I looked like while it was happening, she said I was laying there with my eyes wide open balling my eyes out the whole time, and she said I kept twitching and screaming. After it ended, I had to go home. The whole world looked different to me, everything look like it had was more than 3-d, id looked 4-d. Everything popped out at me and had a 360 degree look to it. It felt like I was in an advanced video game. Since my trip I’ve had panic attacks every single night, (where you think your dying). Their scary. I tried smoking weed again a few weeks back, I only had three hits and my trip came back instantly. I can’t smoke weed anymore, which does suck, but what I went thru was NOT worth it. Even what I wrote does not completely explain what I went thru. Ever sense though, and this was about 4 months ago, I can’t stop thinking about life, death, and hell. I’m paranoid. I want to get over it, but I can’t. Weed has made me notice so much about life, and its gave me a lot more knowledge about life, death, heaven, and hell than most people know. So I’m just wondering, has anyone had a trip like mine? Have they been able to get over it.. or is it just a life changing expierience?

Answer #1

I had an experience just like yours last night… I went googling for bad trips to figure it out, and your post came up. Scariest thing of my life… My trip was intense, but not as intense as yours is…still I felt I was in my own personal hell, which was still on earth in my room but I was scared of everything (I’m actually rathar fearless otherwise) and every move or action that I made would make me feel like it wasn’t ever going to end. Until something strange happend. I was shaking in my bed like I was cold but I wasn’t, and in my head I heard a voice telling me that “if you want to be in the book and join my city, you had best change! Listen to My word!” Then I pretty much fell asleep and it is over now… I never want that again though… it was bad.

Answer #2

I had a very similar trip almost 4 years ago, 10th grade. I had smoked regularly before it happened but I’m pretty sure the first time it happened was the most I ever smoked. My trip was different in that there was no actual hallucination, other than I felt as if one moment of time was eternally repeating. Everything I saw, however was actually there. I was in my friends bedroom with one other friend there. This one moment just kept repeating and wouldnt stop, I thought I went crazy at first and then came to the decision that I was in hell. I wasnt even able to think for part of it. I forgot my entire life, aside from the repeating thought that I was in hell and that it would never end. I gradually began remembering parts of my life and started coming up with all of these strange ideas which at the time I thought to be profound. The hell feelings started to go away, but the trip was far from over. I grabbed a sheet of paper but it was incredibly hard for me to relay my thoughts to the page. It was like I was brain damaged. I was able to scribble a few of thoughts down but they’re barely readable. It was like my soul was seperate from me and it was talking to me, telling me all these things like “Come on, why don’t do this to yourself.” All these thoughts came to me about God and life. I was terrified. By far the worst and most infuential experience of my life. I smoked again two weeks later, had a similar experience except not as intense, and never smoked again. It really changed me. I was so obsessive about these thoughts for years, I couldnt stop thinking about life and hell. This terrible feeling would always rush over me, it was unbearable. I remember a week after the second trip I was at my girlfriends house with a couple other friends and I just walked out and walked 2 miles home, almost in tears. It was like I was in a world that I never saw before, everything looked the same but somehow different. Life was different. The word life itself would freak me out. The silver lining… it eventually (really long time, year and a half) wore off and I feel that I am a better person because of it. I havent smoked since and I hope I never will again. I am back to normal now, doing very well in school, and walked away with a much more insightful prospective on life.

Answer #3

Yeah well I dont smoke anymore obviouslyy. & thats what I was thinkin too, because all my friends had trips on the same weed just not as bad.

Answer #4

there must have been sumthin in the weed

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