Why can't guys continue sex after they cum?

sorry this is a weird question but I was just wondering..
like people have to stop after the guy cums? and why is that?

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Yup. The guy needs to recover to be able to get an erection again. The time it takes varies, but just because the 'show's over' for him doesn't mean you have to stop. He can pleasure you orally or with his fingers in the down time or you can continue to kiss and touch each other until he's ready for more.

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Because after they cum their system is relaxed?

I think that is the main oart of sex is to cum and the pleasure out of that.

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after they cum they can't keep going because their penis gets soft and it becomes very sensitive. my boyfriend usually has to tell me when to stop touching after he cums, because at a certain point all it does is make him laugh. haha

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It's the same with masturbation or any sexual activity where a guy cums. After cums there is a refractory period where his penis is limp and he won't be able to get it up.

The younger the guy (generally) the shorter the refractory period. Some guys take a few short minutes and will be ready for action then.

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Omg what is a cum???

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what is that d same in masterbateing???

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basically, men need to um, recover...

search refractory period in wikipedia :)

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what do you mean they need to "recover"? lol

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lol thanks!

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Lol wow... um a lot of these people are right.
Here is what they don't know, once a guy cum and the penis becomes soft and limp, it takes 20 minutes for the guy to recover and cum again.
so ladies take it easy on guys went this comes around.

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Predatory sense as well. Men and aren't much different from insect who get ate after sex. In fact, there is evidence showing some Asian hunter-gatherer cultures were matriarchal and killed their man after mating :)

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most likely because they have already received their share of enjoyment

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