why can't 13 yr olds have a job?

why can’t 13 yr olds have a job I’ve been offered nursing jobs and jobs over the internet… but when the found out that I was 13 they took the offers back I’m asking because I don’t get allowence and no 1 on my block has little kids and also my brother does all the money jobs… why can’t 13 yr olds get jobs?… :(

Answer #1

im 13 and need a job too, unfortunatly you cant really get one :( if you have a store called Wegmans near you, they offer jobs at age 15! Im gonna go and try to get one when im 15 lol

Answer #2

When You Are 13 Or Younger . . .

* You can deliver newspapers. 

* You can work as a baby-sitter. 

* You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television, theater or  radio. 

* You can work in a business solely owned or operated by your parents. 

* You can work on a farm owned or operated by your parents.

Jobs for 13-Year-Olds

Child Labor Laws are very strict and nearly all companies adhere to a set of hiring rules to avoid crossing the line. Thus, a 13 year old may not have an opportunity to work for an employer in the typical sense of the word, in a regular job, or for that matter, even be considered in the first place.

But, there is hope. Many a young person who are enterprising and determined to earn money, say, for college or that new bicycle, can find paying jobs right within their own neighborhood. There are some cautions you need to be aware of, such as making sure your parents or guardians know who you’re in contact with, where you will be, perhaps they may even choose to meet the person you do work for.

I have had neighbor youngsters come to my door and offer to clean leaves from my bushes in the spring, for a set fee. I have had neighbor children offer to cut my lawn, wash my car, rake the yard, and sweep out my garage.

Sometimes, the Ma & Pa store can give you a small job to do for a few dollars, cash. In my youth I took down and scrapped off tape from sale signs on windows in a grocery store. I changed out multiple listing sheets in frames hung in the window of a real estate firm for pocket change, I washed signs for that same Realtor - $.50 a sign. I even made money washing down wagons and bicycles for other kids.(My parents supplied the soap, rags and water).

I’ve heard of elderly people hiring youngsters to help them with home chores, writing letters, reading mail and straightening their pantries for easy reach of needed items. One youngster helped elderly folks prepare for a garage sale. There are youth camps in some communities where, youngsters can help the community in park and public grounds clean-up initiatives. If they don’t have one in your community, perhaps you can convince the local municipality to start one this summer, offering each child participating a savings bond for education.

Traditional work, for youngsters (who are generally under age for corporate and manufacturing jobs), can be found with a little effort and forethought. Always include your parents or guardians in on your thinking, ideas and plans. Allow them to help you to think things through, set some guidelines and help you make the right judgments. And, most importantly be sure they are aware and approve of anyone you come in contact with in your quest for earning money for that special interest.

From Wiki Answers, sorry about the waffle, just some extra info if you’re interested =]

Answer #3

You can eat whatever you want, if you bring a packed lunch… And… as I said… you don’t exactly have anything to be paid for by going to school… all you have to do is sit in a chair and listen and learn.

You guys have no idea about the real world.

Answer #4

actually I think work is better. yu can eat whenever yu want. unlike school>> and yu dont get paid for going to school .

Answer #5

Its not crap… its the truth… and you were the one who was being ignorant to the fact that school is really important.

Answer #6

believe when I tell ya you’ll get sick of working, you have to be in school passin your exams and be someone :) dont make the same mistake as me x

Answer #7

because you dont need the money your supposed to be in school your to immature and because theres people that need money more than kids

Answer #8

they can..but they are crappy like babysitting it can b fun but other times its like hell soo yeaaa but I don’t know its not fair haa

Answer #9

School is not overated. No 9-5 days, no deadlines, no consequences, no responsibilities, no redundancies… lots of holidays…working is so much harder than school. Count yourself lucky while you still are… its easy.

And school has everything to do with work… so how can it be overated?! Concentrate on doing well and getting good grades because the few years you spend at school set you up for the rest of your life… so make the most of the chance while you have it or else you will be stuck in dead end jobs (in a lot of cases).

So, no, school is not overated.


Answer #10

ok ok I already have parents to tell me crap… thanks for the advice serie ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Answer #11

r you sure because school is overated

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