why are US citizens always the whinners?

an hour into reading controversial stuff about video games (mostly about the GTA titles) I noticed something odd… most (if not all) the problems of adult content in video games is brought up by US citizens, for example, there is the new GTA 4 mod with the biker gang that has one cut scene with full frontal male nudity (or is I like to call it crappy 3D wang view) and the US go bonkers about it… O_o; this is a game for ADULTS youd think they’d seen the “real deal” by now, and even if they didnt, why the hell did they buy such a game. oh and there was one case where family members tried to sue developers for 600 billion dollars, because some dude decided to commit parricide and the blamed it cause he played GTA… I dont remember wanting to kill anyone when I used to play it 12 hours straight…

Answer #1

here in the u.s. there are many restrictions, rules, laws, policies, and prohibitive actions by local and federal government that people get very confused and even fed up that they dont know how to react. on side we hear one thing, then some other supposed important side wants the total opposite. its these conflicting and irrational thoughts and actions that make people this way. on one hand, the majority of actors/actresses, musicians, celebrities, and people we know enjoy a nice relaxing hit of weed and/or a drink of beer. yet we have all these scare-tactic, false, and irrational laws and policies that are morally unjust. people are afraid of what they dont fully understand, yet they think they know because of a commercial they see or of a totally random incident that happens. this might seem off track but its really all connected to why us citizens are so incompetent and reactive. taking time to think something out and reasonably evaluate a situation is where we strongly lack most of the time…violence is human nature yet people are over-protected and restricted so much that they dont know how to deal with a problem on their own. it used to be that you had to learn on you’re own and deal with the consequences..but now everybody sues one another, rushes to call the police, or tries to make sure everyone suffers not just those at fault

Answer #2

It’s to do with a culture that is highly sexualized in some ways, but is very uptight and puritanical in other ways… There’s nude beaches, underage drinking in Europe, and even legalized weed in the Netherlands, and those countries have managed not to spontaneously combust. They blame the video games and the music, but that doesnt explain why those things are not affecting the rest of the world in the same way. Western and Central Europe homicide rate = 1.5 per 100,000 people. Canada is 1.85 per 100,000. USA is 6.1 per 100,000 people. A kid was killed today in the high school I work in. That is rare in other parts of the world. To get back to the point, some US citizens feel a sense of entitlement that is unusual in the rest of the world, and there’s also the fact that it is a very conservative culture…

Answer #3

lish54 wow thats coming from someone who uses the internet regularly,meaning you have no life as well ^_^

oh and heres the deal, READ the question CAREFULLY again, I explained that all the problems are brought up mainly by the US, so this means in europe, asia, russia, africa, Canada, Mexico etc. there have been no such uprisings from buyers protesting about the content, so the controversy doesnt exist in those places

you may have another try answering if you use your brain :D

P.S when you are 17 and pretty much have the whole week with nothing to do, you find something to do to take the edge off…

but you wouldnt know about that, now would you, oh wait you do…

Answer #4

It’s because we have this habit of relying on other people to raise our children for us. It makes it easier to place the blame on a faceless company when your neglected or spoiled child goes nutso and beats somebody with a tire-iron.And YAY for crappy 3-D wang view, lol. I’m sick and tired of seeing boobs everywhere- girls play those games too! :)

Answer #5

I don’t know but heres the deal. you were readin a controversial thing so what was you expecting? and if you were playin that for 12 hrs straight then you must have no life. we have our faults yeah but we sure aint the only ones

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