Why are these things happening to me?

My stomach is getting a lump to it, but Im not gaining any weight. I dont think Im pregnant. & everytime I push on my stomach, I can feel my heartbeat, or my pulse in my stomach. Also, when Im laying down, and I look at my stomach, I can see my stomach moving up & down, not because Im breathing, but because of my pulse. Its weird. Im not too freaked about it, but Im just curious.

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In your other question didn't you say you never had sex? So I don't think you're pregnant. I mean I think it's normal I've had the same thing happened to me and of course I'm not pregnant. If you are really that concerned about it ask your doctor.

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you sure your not pregnant? I had that with my boys...you can see your pulse in your belly...

can all these thing happen at 2-3 weeks pregnant?

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