Why are there protests at the Vancouver Olympics??

I can understand why people were protesting over the Beijing Olympics but with these ones I’m not to sure.

Answer #1

Ok-they took precautions to low down the track. they moved the mens luge to the womens start, and the womens to the juniors.

Answer #2

Actually, @xxxscenequeenxxx is completely right. I’ve not heard it so succulently put in a long time! In fact, if there were no TV cameras there would be no protests.

Answer #3

xxxscenequeenxxx, that was the most clueless and ignorant thing I’ve ever heard.

Obviously, you have no idea what’s going on.

Answer #4

Ok all these people are wrong. its because since its the olympics, when they protest for what they want, it will get seen on tv! thats what they want, publicity

Answer #5

they were protesting because it cost Vancouver $6 billion for the olympics. that ment cutting back on the money which goes to the education, health care, and social services. and I heard it accually got violent aswell.

Answer #6

Mayybee because Nodar died doing the luge… andd they still do the luge, which I think people are retarded for doing because someone died because of that! I hope they get sued!

Answer #7

There were protests going on far before the Olympics even opened.

People were protesting the Olympics when it was determined they would be hosted in Vancouver, and perhaps the rest of the world didn’t see that, considering it was only Canadian news. Protests have been going on for several months…without media coverage.

The cameras came out then because of the protesters…not the other way around.

Of course there’s a bigger impact now with all the world watching, but the cause remains the same…they’re not doing it just because of the media, they’re using the media to make their point.

Answer #8

Lizzie is right…they’re protesting the cost that Vancouver has had to put out to host the Olympics.

What they’re not understanding, though, is that with the Olympics there, tourism will double, if not triple the amount that was spent…Vancouver will actually end up making more money off the Olympics.

Some people just have a seriously ignorant mindset.

As for the luge death - that’s being looked into…they’ve postponed the luge until they can figure out how to slow down the track. Any sport has it’s risks - you don’t go suing for something you chose to participate in… that’s just immature and petty.

Answer #9

so sporty your saying that if I join the army and get shot by a bullet traveling at 100 mph I cant sue.. but if I get shot by 1 traveling at 1000mph I can?

as colleen said (the 1 you think is immature with a big attitude.. love to know where you got that idea from! :S) you cant sue for something you agreed to participate in…

and lizzo is right with her answer ;)

Answer #10

To Sporty 1125: What, so the whole world should stop doing the luge because someone died? No. There are loads of athletes who have trained their entire lives to perform at the Olympics, that would all be put to waste if they didn’t do the luge. They have taken further safety precautions, its a dangerous sport, and all of the athletes know that it is, and that there is always the risk of something going wrong.

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