Why are soliders better then criminals ?

I mean in every war through out human history soldiers killed raped robbed people But they are still considered heroes I don’t get it Why is that ?

Answer #1

Soldiers are better than criminals because they have a higher and most honorable purpose. Criminals are a liability, soldiers are an asset! Whether they rape or kill or what what is not the issue, they can and will do that in war time, because war is also about that. Whether we like it or not! War isn’t just about soldiers killing soldiers, if it were that I’m sure we’d be having many more wars. War is about destruction and chaos, in every sense of the word, rape, torture, killing, pedophily, you name it! War is all about that, that’s why smart countries avoid war, because they know that war generates any despicable act a human being is capable of committing.

And they become war heroes, because through all the troubles and tribulations they manage to fulfill their duty. That’s how it is in our planet earth. Doesn’t matter if you screwed little girls in, let’s say, Mexico, you will still be loved when you go back home claiming victory. Because the people in your country don’t give a damn about what you did to Mexican little girls, they’ll assume that you only did it because you were “disturbed” at the time. It is what it is.

Answer #2

Military people do what they do because its their JOB, Criminals do what they do because they enjoy it, the US military has good and bad just like everybody else does. If thats not easy enough for you to understand, then you probably need to join the military and see for yourself. Unless your scared.

Answer #3

first of all the quran does not say kill all who don’t submit to Islam secondly I personally consider every human who kills innocents a scumbag thirdly I didn’t say u.s am talking generally

Answer #4

a7med, whats a terrorist job? to kill ALL who don’t submit to islam.

U.S soldiers have killed roughly 10,000 terrorist. those same terrorists have killed innocent people. INCLUDING their own countrymen.

Soldiers are heroes because they kill for the greater good of humanity.

Answer #5

Well as a U.S. Soldier I do take personal offence to that question and some of the comments. Rape? Really?…I have a question for all you selfritchous fu€ks out there…if you live in the U.S…do you like being free. Do you like being able to go to the mall when you please…or c your friends when you want? Well guess what…I know Soldiers that died so you can do all that…and I almost did too. So am I a rapeist…or a murderer…or a robber? NO! I did none of those things and neither did any soldier I know. Yea we killed…but we where defending what was rightfully ours…did we rape or rob? No we did not. We took guns that there law prohibited them from having and we took all explosives because that results in terroist activity… Now if you don’t live in the U.S. Then I can not speak for your contry…but if you do then you have the wrong imformation…

Answer #6

Well, personally, I don’t believe in war at all, but let’s put this into perspective.

A soldier will kill because he has to - for the defense of his country, his people and himself. It’s kill or be killed, and they don’t do it because they enjoy it. A murderer will kill because they are either insane or downright evil. They have no noble cause.

Do you see the difference?

Answer #7

No he was making a blanket statement …WHICH HE CHANGED TO JUST KILLING…as stated:

ok let’s forget about the robbing and rapping what is a soldier’s Job ? to kill other people does that sound heroic to you ?*

It is natural for us to think of our own soldiers, wherever we may be, and America is at war…so no, that’s not particularily “provocative”.

Rapping?? LOL


Answer #8

It all comes down to one simple thing… If they did not kill and fight, you wouldn’t be living in the country you know today. That goes for all countries. It’s in defense. As for raping and robbing, I go along with what most people have been saying, that is war crimes and they are not heroes. The only heroes are the ones that fight and kill for you to have the freedoms you have today.

Answer #9

I find it quite interesting that even though I didn’t say u.s forces in my question but you brought it up from all the military forces in the world don’t you think it’s interesting ?

Answer #10

No doubt the question was intended to be provocative.

There are wars where soldiers are allowed to kill and rape as they please. There are particularly nasty conflicts going on right now in Africa where the abuse of non-combatants is rampant.

The US military works under a code of conduct with strict rules about how they conduct themselves. Are there American soldiers who are also criminals and ignore the rules? sure, just like there are civilians who do the same.

No soldier who kills non-combatants or is guilty of rape is a war hero; they are war criminals.

Answer #11

* what is a soldier’s Job ? to kill other people does that sound heroic to you ?

Sure, if they’re a threat. Some people just need killin’.

Answer #12

first of all I did NOT say every soldier rapes and robs secondly I don’t live in u.s but the country I live in did not fight a war for over 20 years but here we are still alive and free meaning you DON”T have to kill in order to live I don’t want to stray from the subject but why do you think terrorist only attack some countries well it’s pretty obvious because that country did something bad to them in the first place

Answer #13

soldier - the asker didn’t say ALL soldiers rape and rob…he was speaking mainly about the ones who do - and there’s no denying there have been some. Not all soldiers are noble. You need to calm down and stop feeling persecuted for something you didn’t do.

He did, however, ask to understand the difference between a murderer and a soldier, since they both kill.

It’s a legitimate question…try not to take it personally.

Answer #14

Of course, but he’s killing ‘my’ people, so from my point of view, he is the enemy - he is the murderer.

However, he’s a hero to his own people.

Answer #15

ok if a someone came to your country and started killing people would care for what purpose is he doing it for ? I bet you would consider him a murderer

Answer #16

By the way, happy birthday to the Air Force today.

Answer #17

Personally, I’d wish that I had better soldiers than what invaded my country. :)

Answer #18

Those particular soldiers aren’t heroes, and if they had been caught doing that, they would have been charged for war crimes.

Answer #19

ok let’s forget about the robbing and rapping what is a soldier’s Job ? to kill other people does that sound heroic to you ?

Answer #20

Okay, as an American I take great offense to this…particularly because we’re in a war right now. If people came to YOUR country and ran some planes into a building that was highly important to your country…and killed thousands of your people, you wouldn’t be pissed off and want revenge? I’m not saying going into war was right, I’m saying those soldiers are doing their jobs, they are protecting OUR country, and I will thank a soldier any day of the week for that. Yes, some countries stay quiet in their own little part of the world, however, America has turned into a country that sells and buys with every country and the country itself became rich off of this, there are people in oour government who have made bad decisions, but that’s not the American peoples fault…I’ve met many soldiers along my way, and have watched many children and wives and husbands go without their significant other/parents for months at a time because THEY were FIGHTING for my FREEDOM…how dare you insult that.

How about 9/11? They attacked us partly because of religion beliefs, because they don’t like christians, because they don’t believe in the way we live…that’s right? That’s okay? NO it’s not, no matter how you look at it or how you can make sense of it…they DIE for their religious reasons, they believed they were going to heaven if they got in those planes and flew them into the twin towers…however, doesn’t that make THEM murderers? I don’t know where you live, but they could have chosen your country, and then you wouldn’t take that personal?

Answer #21

Most of my external family were executed by the millitary…my own mother carries wounds from the past war…

War always hurts someone…But theres a difference…

When a soldier kills another soldier in a battlefield it’s even…but when they start harming civilians those are commiting atrocities…they worse than psycopaths because they dont get judged over it well just a few…where’s my justice?Justice for my family?it’s like with their uniform it gives them the right to do as they please…But I guess it’s vice versa…And it’s time we took justice into our own hands…My village is a quiet village by the sea but many soldiers have dissapeared in them.I think the villagers just decided they had enough and made use of their torture caves the japanese left us(:-)It’s time somebody taught them a lesson.Oh nobody can find th ebodies either…and everyoneis gonna deny even if you execute the whole village.Cowardice isn’t in our blood.

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