why are questions

that ask about myspace deleted…thats stupid, like once I asked a question about the myspace apps and it got deleted, its not like im asking sumthing crazy

Answer #1

well sumtimes they dont have the q&a I was looking for because I had a question and myspace didnt have it in their faq so I just ask here, where else should I

Answer #2

Perhaps Myspace needs to address these issues so they actually have someone on staff to deal with problems regarding Myspace…like we have people here to deal with questions regarding FunAdvice.

Seems only right that the staff of Myspace would give their users a little more consideration.

I’m sorry, but it’s not our responsibility to help you with Myspace - that is Myspace’s responsibility.

Answer #3

If you had read the ToU when you signed on, you’d know the answer to this question:

“If you need help with a social network such as Bebo, Hi5, Linkedin, Myspace, Facebook or similar, we will delete your question without warning. Those companies have customer service departments, as do we, and if you contact us about FunAdvice, we’ll help you. We expect other companies that compete with us to do similar.”

Answer #4

ok thanks now I know

Answer #5

MySpace has their own Q&A, why should we be responsible for answering THEIR questions?

Answer #6

thedude is right think of it this way if you owned a company like funadvice,would you want people dicussing there problems about other social networking sites especially a popular one like myspace that already makes millions of dollars a year? no because why should you help them make more money? if they have a problem with another socal networking site they need to take it up with that site and send them a message

Answer #7

:) Problem is budget: MySpace earns nearly a billion dollars in revenue per year…we don’t make even 1% of that (in reality, I can’t afford to work on this site full time because we don’t make enough money, nor can the other owners). So, we put in as much work as we can, and are creative with both hiring & keeping expenses low.

Given that…why do we need to provide support for a company that’s part of the world’s fourth largest media company (News Corp) when they are massively profitable, and if they cared to, could provide excellent customer service?

Answer: they probably don’t care as much ;) OR they do, and just have a funny way of showing it…either way, it takes away from our ability to help people with real problems and in need of solid advice if we give corporate charity to the massively profitable…

Please let us know if you see something wrong with our policy and if enough people desperately want us to change it, we will.

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