Why are people so vindictive?

I am a freshman in high school and have been labled as a Goth because I wear so much black .. does that give them the right to say I cut myself (I dont by the way) . and that I worship the Devil … even if I did why would they care …they started all thease rummors that I had a hit list and was going to kill every one what should I do I have already been seached by the cops


Answer #1

You are projecting a certain image whether intentional or not - I would change the image…Take care !!

Answer #2

Color is way beyond over-rated. I love the color gray but can’t find many outfits that are just gray. So I stick to black because I freeze all the time…Black attracts heat, yanno? But people have said the same things about me…Of course I was in the 2nd grade when it started, but kids are just cruel!

What I did to solve my problems kinda worked, and by Jr. High it…lessened. I acted out some of the things they said about me, and it scared the sht outta them so bad for so many years that some of them still back away when I walk by. I also beat the living sht out of’em without getting caught, because I mean really, who would think someone as cute as lil’ ol’ me could ever do such a horrid thing? Sometimes when people base things off looks, it’s a good thing, but hardly. That was when I was younger though, and was forced to dress in color.

But, in your case…I’d get something along the lines of revenge. Oh, like one of the kids who harasses you, just slip a drawing of an up-side-down pentagram in their locker or backpack or whatever. But, wear rubber gloves when drawing it and planting it because you don’t want an investigation. Or better yet, pit them against each other. Like send it to one and make it look like on of their friend who also messes with you sent it to them. And if they ask you, deny it! NOW QUICK! Smash the computer so this won’t lead back to me! shifty eyes j/k OK, that was a joke, but a well-thought-out joke. I’d do it…Hell, I might of done it once before, but that was back when I wore my cross everyday [it broke, darn chain] and no one would dare think a I would do something like that…After that they stopped calling me and my friend satanists. Then my friend broke into their locker and did something, and I never saw them again…She still won’t tell me what she did.

But that’s risky. Because you’ve been searched, that means you’re on file…Which means they’ll be watching you. My main advice: Get crafty. I mean, they searched you for the hit list once before, right? Who’s to say you didn’t give it to SOMEONE to hide it for you? Like one of the people who pick on you? But who will DENY picking on you. But in order to prove the arn’t hiding your “hit list” they’ll somehow have to admit they are picking on you. Unless they get attached to a lie-detector, then that’s not gunna work.

Or, you could just do the universal thing like my little sister: Be a snitch! Snitch-snitch-snitch! It’s not as fun, but it works wonders. All you have to do is tell the teachers, cops, whoever what’s happening. And then tell’em that those are the idiots who keep making up all that crap about you! In other words: Tell the truth, but twist it into your favor before they do. I’ve done, Hell, I’m sure almost everyone has done it.

As for why people are that way, it’s because some people think they are better than others when that’s not true. No one is better than anyone. People can be smarter than others, but that doesn’t mean they are any better. They also think they can get away with it, and in my case, none of them did. “There are times to fight fire with fire, and other times you must fight fire with water…A really powerful blast of water!”

Anyway, I hope you get passed this. And if they mess with you: flick’em off or say something they can’t ever hope to understand [mock their intellect]. Different people require different means of…”treatment”…Some need the kinder stuff, some the medium stuff [the mocking], and some need the full impact because they are too stupid to get anything unless it’s physical. Depend on the person. Good luck, and sorry this is so long.

Answer #3

Don’t change for other people ever. Be yourself and be proud of it. People namely in high school love to label others and I understand where you are coming from because when I walked into my honours biology class my teacher asked if I was in the right place only because of my apperence because I’m tanned blonde haired and look preppy. It’s so sick how people label you just based on apperence. People think I’m not intelligent because I look a certian way. My advice is be who you are and people who really care about you know the real you and that should only matter. Good luck

Answer #4

amblessed is right. get some color in your clothes. durrr

Answer #5

ambleseed and funadvice are totaly wrong. You know you’re not any of the things people are calling you, so just be proud of who you are and always stand up for what you believe in.

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