why are ear gauges so popular now?

just curious.. ..it just seems like more people are doing it

Answer #1

Trends come and go, that’s just a new one. It’ll fade with time, just like they all do.

Answer #2

I agree with xxhellsxxangellxx

Answer #3

I don’t see how something that has been used by ancient tribes for centuries is a “trend that will soon die out.” Anyway, people who oppose ear stretching usually don’t have a very valid argument because they are uninformed, or just closed minded. First off, they are not called gauges. A gauge is a unit of measurement, what is worn in the ear is called either a plug, spiral, or taper. Yes, it’s true that after a certain size, they will not fully close up. Yes, it’s true that most places as of now do not accept body modification in the work place, However, coming from a girl who has 1 1/2” stretched lobes and does have a job in a retail chain, it is becoming more acceptable. Which it should be. Personally, if someone is going to judge my work abilities on the way I look, I do not want to work for them anyway. Not all people want everyday, ordinary jobs where their appearance is judged and defines them. People like to stand out, be themselves, be different, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m an artist, a damn good one too. I want to pursue a career in a creative field, and my appearance sure as hell does not affect my artistic abilities.

On another note, even if they do not close up, you can get a surgery to get them sewn to look good as new! My boyfriend did, you can’t even tell he ever stretched his ears. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

Answer #4

I was talking to my friends about getting a job with gauged ears. And I think that people with gauged ears get the image of something they’re not. We were saying that you could easily have gauges and get a job as long as you look classy, and not trashy.. ya know? We view gauges as an accessory, like a necklace, or plain ol’ 20g earrings, as long as you can look professional wearing them, then your all good, in my opinion.. lol and you can get them sewn back up if you stretch them to far, it doesn’t look all the same, but at least you don’t have a wizard’s sleeve for an ear :)

Answer #5

ok I dont understand whats the big deal so what its our body and about the scene thing I listen to mostly hip-hop with some 80 metal like slayer or anthrax but I dress hiphop so it has nothing to do with being scene I have 00 right now which s alil less then a 1/2 inch and I am a payied intern for a accounting company. I’m not saying that ill get the the job but we all decide how we end up in the end so just drop it. also I read someone say that when we get old we’ll think what is cool today is cool than like alotlike 95% of the older generation do today I think this is totally true

Answer #6

it is a fad, a trend that will go in a few years but for now, its the lattest thing…the lattest “accessory” to have and guys and girls want it done the thing is though is that a lot of them are young kids, who think its cool now and in another 5 years are going to be stuck with a giant stretched earlobe its not something thats for everyone and a lot of people who have them now wont want them later on because as people age, there skin sags and the hole on a gauged ear (unless very small) can never close up it will heal around the peircing, and the skin wont be able to re-attatch itself but most kids dont know that they just want whats popular and what they think looks good

Answer #7

I agree with andrew_fl… It is possible to get a job with gauges because my older sister works for the hospital and she is a 4…So everyone that said it’s impossible your fcking dumb…

Answer #8

I started when I was 14. I only plan on going to a 2 or 4 which by the way isn’t that big so don’t get your panties in a bunch. You can still get a job and you can take them out. Your ear will (on average) go back to normal if you don’t go past a 0. A 0 is the point of no return, after you start going to half inches, then you’re stuck with them. Don’t get me wrong, you can always get flesh-colored plugs and it’ll look pretty good. People like them and what’s so wrong with it? I want to know why people get so pissed and get into other peoples buisness! It’s my body, I can do whatever the hell I want to do with it! Gauges and tattos are in, don’t like it- fukk you. end of story.

Answer #9

I have em, one inch, and I’m only 16. people just want them cause all the “scene” kids are considered hot shit now, and they have em. I started when I was 14 and I couldn’t tell ya why. it just happened; I liked the look I guess. a lot of people in my school think they’re gross, but the kids here usually stop at a 2. theres only 2 kids (including me) at my school with gauges past that, so I guess it’s not that much of a trend here yet.

Answer #10

a lot of people apparently like them, so they’re becoming more and more common to see. I personally don’t have a problem with them… I’m fine with ALL piercings AND tattoos.

Answer #11

well, personally, I cant wear normal earrings. my ears are really sensitive to a lot of metals and its hard to find cute ones that won’t infect my ears. with ear gauges, my ears don’t get infected. and its not like everyone gauge their ears to a size that can’t go back to normal. I have a slightly bigger gauge than a regular piercing.

Answer #12

Gauges are hot! What you guys are neglecting is that gauges can and do close back up if you don’t have enormous gauges put in. My friend had a 0 gauge and his are almost completely back to normal! If you want to take them out, you can and they will close back up for the most part.

Answer #13

I disagree. It is possible to get a job with gauges. There ARE silicone, flesh colored gauges. With these, you can’t even tell they’re in. I have mine gauged to 00 (3/8”), so nothing major, but I do it because I enjoy it. I like the way it looks on me. I don’t do it because of anyone but myself.

It may be a trend, but not everyone does it because it is a trend. Try not to stereotype it like that =/ also, loshmo, do NOT stereotype it with “scene” kids. I’ve seen plenty of people who don’t even listen to rock, and they have gauges. I have gauges. I’m not scene. I wear band shirts and jeans and wear my hair pulled back. Not scene at all…

I just think, if someone wants to do it, let them. Gauging ears is no different than getting a tattoo. It’s body modification.

Answer #14

Honestly I love stretching my ears. I’m at an inch and a half and I love the way it looks. The arguement that we won’t want them when we’re older is a dumb one. When we’re old we won’t be like todays old people, we’ll think what was cool when we were younger is still cool (aka stretched ears)… just like they do (aka buddy holly and ice cream socials). I do it because I love the way it looks and I’m not gonna lie, a lot of girls really dig em ;D, lol. I can live with gauges when I’m old, or a big hole, whatever. Just as many people that have em now will have them then too. Think things through.

Answer #15

im 14 dude, and even I know they’re right. we wont want them, for a few reasons:

  1. you want a job right, to make some money? well a lot of places that make good money wont hire you even if your above their standard, they don’t allow piercings.

I mean, unless you get a job doing something that allows it. I wont be a dick, yeah MC Donald’s will let you work there. and so will other food places and retail stores. but they don’t make good money, a tattooist can have a pretty good income at the end of the year, and if you have your own business you can allow them, have them yourself, and make bank. the only reasons that businesses don’t like bod mods like gauges,tats,etc. is because it draws more attention to you, so instead of allowing you and your co-workers to concentrate as a team, you draw the attention. and yes, the OLDER boss men don’t seem to like this new trend. they believe you looking like that will tarnish [or ruin] the company name.

  1. kids do go through trends, soon you wont want them. and then you’ll have huge holes in your ear lobes. then you wont think its all that attract, you might still like them. there’s no guarantee that you’ll want to give them up, like I don’t think I’ll wanna give mine up. but that’s what I say now. cause im at a 2 and I want to get to, the smallest il keep them is 3/4ths but im not to sure if il want them bigger. . maybe. and I have angel bites too. okay so im gonna watch a movie. hope I helped il add more later
Answer #16

I’ve had gauges for about two years now, I did it because im a decendent from the Aztecs and love they way they look. Plus they are fun! I got them done by my friend who has had them for about 15 years now. He still loves them and so do I. My gauges are 3/4 and growing. I am a service writer/receptionist, on TWO franchised stores and have a cleaning service. With three jobs, people tend to see them a lot and let me tell you, I rarely have someone telling me they look bad. Most people wont do them, but the get amused by them. My boss loves them and he is 65 years old who drives a Mercedez and is very relegious.

Answer #17

Yeah and then they’ll be stuck with a massive streched out bit of earlobe. It’s a stupid scene kid thing which will hopefully die soon along with all the scene kids.

Answer #18

im pretty sure this “trend” has been around for quite awhile and im pretty sure not only scene kids get them. im not scene and I have them. they just look good. honestly for me I feel great after each stretcging. im up to 1inch 7/8ths. people gawk all the time. but its cool. when I get married and need a better job to support a family ill take them out. theyll heal down to about an inch or 1 inch 1/16ths. then ill get them sewn up, its nots that bad. oh and not everyone gets “massive streched out bit of earlobe”

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