How can I get pretty?

OK Well.. I Have Problems At School Almost Everyone Hates Me.. And ..I Want To Kill My Self Everyday Over It.. But Theres These Two Guys I Like But I’m Alittle Over Weight And … Ugly :/ I Want To Know How Can I Get Pretty??

Answer #1

I have the same problem, so you’re not the only one. im 14 and I have a huge nose and everyone makes fun of me for it. oh god I look really creepy because of my nose and people notice it. and I hate when people tell me to be happy that “everyone beautiful on the inside” like how is that going to help me? I don’t think I look beautiful and pretty because I am not. I have never had a boyfriend and no guy has ever liked me. so im just going to have to deal with being ugly. I should begin an ugly club. haha.

Answer #2

Well, I think your pretty, and I don’t think you look like your really overweight either. A lot of people in this world dont care what they say to hurt others feelings… some people get amused in some stupid way. But they’re the ones that are truley ugly. We all know it! I use to think I was ugly, but now I think Im actually not too bad. Lol, I hope you soon realize that you are beautiful, and dont need to be any didfferent. You are who you are, and that’s a good thing. You dont want to be fake like most people in this world today… I for one am pretty shy around people I dont normallly talk to, but I am reallly open otherwise, its like once I get home from school I let all my energy and bubbliness out! My friends alllways ask me why I dont act like myself at school, because I guess Im pretty awesome to them. Lol, and that makes me feel good, but the one person I need to convince the most… is myself. Good Luck, hope I helped dear! <3 :)

Answer #3

I don’t think you are ugly, but what really matters is how you feel about yourself. Maybe get a few highlights. If you can, get it done at a salon, or get a friend to help you. Don’t go nuts, just go maybe 2 or 3 shades lighter, it will make a huge difference. Also get a cute haircut. Layered hairstyles are so popular, and go great with almost anyface shape. Its also uber easy to style. If you use makeup, natural is key. Grab some brown or beige eyeshadow and dust it lighty. I love foundation because it can cover blemishes. A little bronzer wouldn’t hurt either, but also go lightly. I also like to use clear or sheer colors for nails, so if they chip it won’t be so noticable. Most important, get 8 to 10 hours of sleep at night, wash your face well before you go to sleep each night to prevent breakouts, and sit and stand with a good posture. The last one seems dumb, but it makes you appear taller and thinner because it keeps you from looking like you have fat rolls. Oh yeah, smile often! People are more likely to approach happy people, so maybe just smile at one of the guys you are crushing on (after your fabulous makeover). Throw in about 20 crunches before school in the morning and you are on the right way. I hope this helps you honey. Remember, you are your own worst judge, you are prettier than you think you are!!!

Answer #4

your pretty just like have a great smile and NOT OVER WIGHT.

Answer #5

you are nt ugly or overwight just b urself and if anybody as a problem with it forget bout them wait till you find a guy that likes you for who you r and trust me there are a lot of guys in the world that don’t care about looks or weight. don’t gt too wrapped up in think you r ugly and overweight cause your nt and thinkn that way isnt gna help u good luck♥

Answer #6

One thing first, you are cute :)

But…here are some things you could do to help your self feel better…lets start from head to toe!

Your Hair: First start with maybe layering it…nooo not cutting it…you have long pretty hair…but just have the hair dresser put layers to give it some extra style. This can also be known as razoring. Then their is color, highlights would be awesome on you! And lastly straiten you hair with an iron! And sometimes you could curl it to. I don’t know you financial situation, but if you want to save some cash get your new hair style at a beauty collage! Look in your phone book you should be able to find one!

Eyebrows: Look in magazines for some different shapes, then find the one you like, and ask your beauty shop to do them in that what!

Eyes: ummm try some medium brown mascara, and a thin layer of brown eyeliner

Lips: I think some medium pink gloss would look good, that color would go great with you skin tone!

Teeth: Try an electric tooth brush, a tooth paste that says whiting on it, and maybe even get your self some Crest whiting strips(crest whiting strips work the best for me)… Improving a smile is a great self esteem booster!

Jewry: Go into teen stores at the mall, allot of them have Jewelry racks with great prices for example Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe , Fashion Bug, and Icing. Buy your self some bracelets, earrings and necklaces that match, to put with your outfits!

Body: Try exercising about 3 times a week, the YMCA a great place to start a routine! ps: your not fat just big boned, and I’m not saying work out to get skinny, it helps enhance your body, you might not realize this but there is something about exercising that starts to help you emotionally to!

For Tops: I would try the belted tops if I was you…those really flatter curvier girls!

Bottoms: Keep trying on Jeans till you find the fit that makes you feel sexy! And get your self some cutely cut skirts to!

Feet: Look for places that have bargains so you can get a cute variety, of shoes to wear with different outfits. I go to Charlotte Russe, and some other discount shoes places allot, the one in my town always has the current styles of shoes for really low prices, I have a few shelves of shoes, and it makes me feel great!

Answer #7

maybe the guys will like you for the person inside, don’t let shallow people get you down because they’re insecure.

Answer #8

Let me break it down easily. This takes work.

Hair- Wash it everyday. Straighten it or curl it. in the morning. Dont use any hairspray.

Makeup- use a black liqid liner. Mascera and a little clear gloss. Dont over do it with the liner and reaply the gloss constantly.

Clothes- If you can’t afford a whole new wardrobe. Get three pieces.

  1. Jeans it doesnt matter wear you get them but try on a hundred pairs before buying them. They have to fit PERFECT.
  2. An awesome fitting tee, One in black and one in red.
  3. A nice v neck sweater.

Body- Exercise by jogging for an hour and doing a hundred sit ups every day. for diet be smart stay away from sugar and foods high in fat. USE YOUR BRAIN

Walk with confidence Be nice to every single person in the school no matter who it is

Answer #9

You are not ugly.And you dont seem to be overweight to me.Well,dont care about what others say about you or how other feel about you.You gotta know who you are.Only you know yourself better than anybody.If you thinks that you are ugly and fat.Mean you dont have much confident.You know what?CONFIDENT IS THE KEY.People with confident are beautiful no matter how they look.If you are overweight,go on HEALTHY diet.Dont go for Crash diet.It will kill you.^^ Dont ever kill youself.As this is the most stupid thing.If you kill yourself,those people who hate you will be happy.What for letting people who hate you become happy?Does that worth it?No.Not worth it. So I guess now you know what to do right?Have confident. Good Luck girl! ^^

Answer #10

Awww your pretty and you don’t think that a guy won’t go out with you. I used to be just like you but I looked at the positive things about myself and really if those 2 guys that you like if they don’t like you that’s they’re fault. Your really pretty and so NOT overweight the right guy will come a long one of these days that’s perfect. Cute, smart a real prince charming. I find though that if you really want to feel pretty do a makeover for yourself try a new eyeshadow or lipgloss. Or get a new wardrobe.

Answer #11

you are NOT ugly and you are NOT overweight I don’t see why everybody hates you…but if any body ever says youre ‘’overweight’’ or ‘’youre ugly’’ just tell them that when theyre talking about you they’re just talking about they’re self

                                                                                   ''Good Luck''
Answer #12

eat healthy and exercise if you wona lose the weight. the inside counts more than the outside. it’s not worth it just to try and be pretty cause if some guy. you can alway change your haircut that can help and other stuff. getting friends can be hard it is very hard for me but just be nice and urself and later on you will get friends.

Answer #13

Maybe use a little makeup if that would make you feel any better about yourself

Answer #14

U definitely dont look ugly or overweight… so I dont see what you hate about your looks

Answer #15

Please don’t think this about yourself. You are one of God’s wondrous creatures and are a unique individual. Everyone is beautiful in God’s eyes and that is all that matters.

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