Why am i so horny?

Im only 14 and am having these extreme horny feelings, what should I do to prevent these horny feelings?

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You're trapped in the throes of puberty, so you're probably going to keep feeling this way well into your 20s. Learn to masturbate effectively, and you'll get through it fine.

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I agree just go masturbate. Be careful w. Those kind of feeling tho bc when yhur a round yhu boyfirend/girlfriend its hard to keep yhu thoughts straight. Trust meh lol I feel exactly where yhur coming from but sometimes just being horny is kind of a better feeling than actually having sex especially when yhur not fully developed and prepared

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hahaha its okay girl its a phase eat some chocolate and masterbate everyone has feelings and needs no matter how old you are

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when you start to feel horny...go watch ah funny cartoon , read dah bible, take ah bath...stroll in dah park, call ah friend to tlk about homework or about the weather...doing anyting to occupy yuh time...just dont masturbate...its really addictive and it feels pointless sumtimes. or exercise, drink ah cold glass of water neting fun really

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probably because you saw something that just turned you on.
go masterbate and let it out !

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Masturbate it helps most the time it comes with the teen years haha

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