Why are biblical religions so negative toward witches?

Why are biblical religions so negative toward witches?

A friend of mine had to change her witch shop to a gift shop because a priest started spreading rumors about her saying she was doing black mass, black magick, worshiped Satan & such. people stopped going so she had to change her shop into a gift shop to stay in business.
When a fantasy movie comes out it seems as if there's endless b*tching about it. For instance, take Harry Potter. people will comment it's Stan ism for children, or that witches are targeting children & trying to get them to convert. what the f*ck? It's not even about real magick, it's just a fantasy movie!
& here's another question, why is it so bad that witches, pagans, & other practitioners are finally coming forth & opening up? Why is it so bad that we can now say what we are in public? You can state you're Christian why can't we state we're a witch(etc). Why should I be shamed because someone else is ignorant? I am a witch & I am proud! Have any issues with that?
Answer #1

jaes said: “that sounds so typical christian, and I hate it when christians put native american ahamens into the same catagory as witches”

Does anybody know what she is talking about? What does “ahamens” mean???

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It isn’t what Christians have been told, it goes much deeper than that. Jesus Christ is personal. He teaches us to love everybody no matter what station in life they hold. We hope and pray for everybody to know and have a real relationship with Him. And if we see someone who is searching ( a “truth-seeker”) then we tell them about our Creator.

God and God alone has all power and nobody or nothing can ever come close to Him in love, forgiviness, compassion, power . . . He is the Almighty God, our Creator, the One and only, the First and the Last, He is great! He has no beginning and He has no ending…

Satan thought of himself better than his Creator, Jesus, and look what happened to him. He was thrown out of heaven with all the angels he lead astray.

No Christian thinks they have “a monoply on the right path” That just isn’t so at all. On the contrary, we desire that ALL will be in heaven, but this cannot happen because there is the wicked who will not be heaven. They will be destroyed at the second coming when Jesus returns to take His children home.

The probation is closing and it will not be long now before Jesus comes, the graves will be opened and the righteous will go to heaven…Won’t you be one of them? You can be if you desire it. Seek Him with all your heart and He will fill you with His peace. God bless.

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if I was the owner of that shop, I would have started rumours about that preist being a phedophile…im not kidding! a lot of christians/catholics ect are very stubourn, what isnt accepted in what they beleive in is evil, and theyll try to bring everything like that down. theres nothing wrong with what your doing. be who you are and be proud but you need to accept the consequences that will no doubt follow for example, not all christians are bad, but when they copnstantly shove there religion down peoples throughts they give others all a bad name, good christians need to deal with that. and with witches, back in the old days people beleived anything they heard, and they heard that witches were evil and bad…so they did horrible things to them, nowdays its a little more accepted, but witches out there deal with the fact that not everyones likes them. but true christians/catholics arent good at all…im talking about the people whos lives revolve around god, NOTHING gets in there way, there more part of a cult than a religion. and by beleiving in something, you too a part of a religion but an opposite one of another and theres nothing wrong with that…really, everyone who beleives in a religion have more in common than they know

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Good for you. I think it’s great and that people should be whatever they want to be. That’s why I like Halloween. At least for one day people can be who they are and it’s a shame too. I worked at a metaphysical store and I loved it. People used to come in and I could always tell who the Christians were because they would get a couple of feet and turn around and walk, almost ran out. It wasn’t even like a job working there because it was so spiritual. I got to play cool music and burn incense and sage. We had all kinds of stuff from Wicca to religous (not a lot of that, but some). I loved the witchy stuff. I’m afraid I can’t answer your question except to say that I noticed that the Christians that came to the store were scared and I think it was because they didn’t understand all the different beliefs that were represented, only Christian stuff. They thought it was evil. I hope your friend can open a shop somewhere where witches are accepted.

Answer #5

I totally agree with you, I also am a witch- but I simply do not look to others for acceptance of who I am. it is sad that your friend had to change her shop to a gift shop, truly sad indeed. to me being a witch is a personal thing, I don’t hide who I am- but I surely do not share that side of me with many people. not out of guilt or shame- but out of not wanting to push what I have come to believe on anyone else. we all have our own personal choices, and our own moralities- and to tell you the truth, everyones ignorant ideas of what witchcraft is doesn’t offend me in the slightest. those of us that truly know are all that matter. so don’t let the religious community get on your nerves- we are well past the burning times, so it is simply a matter of being secure enough in our beliefs to lead a happy and productive life- and believe as we choose to believe, without trying to prove what we believe to anyone else.

Answer #6

True Christians love everybody no matter if they are living on the streets or are the snobbish wealthy it doesn’t not matter. All people ,no matter what they’ve been thru, are God’s sons and daughters.

If we love the Father, Jesus then we will also love all people. That is why we are so against witches, worlocks, satanists, wicca or anything else that stands for evil.

God stands for everything that is pure beauty, love, forgivness . . . Satan stands for everything evil, rape, murder, starvation, lies . . .

Since Satan stands for all that is evil, we Christians know that if people are deluded into believe Satan’s lies that they will be lost from heaven. We desire to win them to Jesus so they’ll be set free from the bondage of evil and destruction. We do this out of our love for the lost.

We love you, we care for you and want you in God’s kingdom, not destroyed in hell fire.

Answer #7

ha, very funny. If Christain really were so open they wouldn’t condem. & Mind tellingme how Witches or other practitioners of the occult are ina box? We come of a wide veriaty & do many difrent things. Christains, it’s the same d@mn story with all the people. Very little differencies

Answer #8

At the heart of it all. Christans think that only God should have that power and if you use it than your aginst God therefore evil. Christains think they have a monoply on the right path.

Answer #9

Christians know what they have been told. They just don’t know the truth and understand our believes. Trust me I understand. I am aWiccan who lives in the middle of the bible belt county. North Alabama.

Answer #10

actually I used to be a lutheran but am now a wiccan. I got sick and tired of the closed mindedness of the church and I find most christians seem to think that wiccans are devil worshiping satanists.

my statement was hardly made in anger. I was just stating a fact

Answer #11


When you tell people that they “stand for evil” and associate them with murder and rape, then you tell them how much you love them, do you really think they are going to listen to anything you have to say? Most of us can do without that sort of love.

Answer #12

The simple reason that Bible religions are so negative toward witches, is because the Bible condemns it. Of course, the Bible condemns damn near everything, but that doesn’t matter to the bigots.

Answer #13

that sounds so typical christian, and I hate it when christians put native american ahamens into the same catagory as witches

Answer #14

I am a Christian. But I applaud you for standing up for what you believe in. Unfortunatley, too many Christians are very intolerant. We all aren’t like that.

Answer #15

I used to be convinced we were living in the end times myself, in my more religious days. Then I woke up and realized that the people who were convincing me of that were charlatans, twisting Biblical passages to serve their purposes. BIble prophecy is an industry, and a lucrative one. Guys like Hal Lindsay and Pat Robertson make millions from selling books, tapes, and other material with the goal of convincing people we’re living in the final days.

How many times must these guys be wrong about this stuff before people start thinking for themselves?

Answer #16

mjax ever think that one of these times it will happen?

Answer #17

If you actually Study History around the time the Bible was written you will find the practices of Witchcraft foreign to modern wicca beliefs ( Human sacrifice including children and infants. you will also find it was condemned by the major religious groups of that day. . . . A Witch was considered an outcast in ancient Greece and Rome. Many of the Gods and Goddesses of modern Wicca were not worshipped by Witches of old. Don’t believe me? I suggest you do some deep deep studying.

Answer #18

Ok first of all as a christian I love and pray for everyone even if they do somethng I myself don’t appove of.I would not like to see anyone go to hell.My slip ups and anger are the same as murder and rape.Everyone sins and NONE is perfect except JESUS/GOD.Good for you stick up for what you belive in but as me being christian I have to pray to god that you’ll someday be saved. Much luv,

Answer #19

friesiangal, Many of the Values of Wicca are considers wrong and Evil in Both Christian and Islamic systems so what Orion states is True from A conservative Christian stance. .

I Am a Christian and I understand what she is trying to say, But I also Use to be involved in Wicca, Pitta Wicca to be exact. I also understand where you are coming from and Know if you were Wiccan you would not want such angry and unkind words present to represent you in your last statement Rather you would want to explain calmly your point of view. .
Answer #20

not all Christians hate that stuff… don’t group everyone together I love that stuff and I am a Christian… not all Christians have problems with that stuff… I’m friends with people who are atheist and people who don’t believe in anything… don’t group all of us together because we are not all the same people… just because some old people come around your store harrassing you doesnt mean we are all that way… I would love to go to a store like that and that stuff doesnt scare me any of it

Answer #21

magical powers are said to be that of something demonic. Or so I’m told. Now, keep in mind this is just an opinion but I think most Christian religions are wrong. I’m Catholic so on behalf of my religion yeha it’s considered wrong but that doesn’t mean I consider it as such. Finding religion I was Pagan once. For some reason the sense of having the power enveloped me and sucked me in the void. I don’t regret it but I’m getting offtrack sorry. Witches were said to derive from the evil..

Answer #22


You people argue…er…”debate”, far too much.

First and fore mostly on the Satan thing. Which bothers me.

There is no Satan in the original Dead Sea Scrolls (aka the BIBLE). There was no mention at all. Not even in the story of Adam and Eve.

Wiccans already believe that Satan doesn’t exist.

Sweet cheesepuffs.

On Indians-the Indians from south-central Asia, in the land of INDIA, actually did not have the first known recorded religion. That was the Aryans, who conquered them in their first cities. The Aryans practiced Hinduism and recorded their teachings in Sanskrit. so yes, the first /recorded/ religion did come from the “Indians”.

But Wicca isn’t something with sacred writings, or with many laws that people have to follow.

It’s a combination of all the old beliefs before modern, structured religions gained their power over history, stomping out the old ways. Wicca is what’s left of those ways, or what can be salvaged from the fragments of memoirs, memories, and ancient writings/beliefs.

To answer the original question in true facts, Biblical religions are so negative towards none Biblical ones because that’s how they have been from Eve (please excuse the pun).

In the time period that the Biblical Religions thrived, they had to instill fear into the common folk to get them to follow their religion-as in, to get money so they could survive.

They instilled fear by creating evil and such.

I could go on, but if you don’t believe me, think about it yourself.

How did the Biblical Religions get so much money? Did their God just bless it down on them?

And then tell me what you infer.

I could go on, but I won’t. There’s too many arguments to settle in this world. I don’t know if we can ever be in peace.

Our brains think to hard. Mine hurts.

Hope I helped! ^^

Blessed Be. (hah-hah-STOLEN!!! XDDD just kidding Val.)

Answer #23

There are four places in the Bible that refer specifically to “witchcraft” being forbidden.

When the book of Exodus speaks of witches, it speaks specifically of a woman who cast a spell with the purpose of harming someone else or their property. So “evil sorceress” is a more accurate translation. This would not apply to Wiccans and many modern witches, who typically practice “white magic” and are not allowed to practice “black magic”.

In Deutoronomy, the language toward witches is much more encompassing. It prohibits making contact with spirits who are not of God, contacting spirits of the dead, predicting the future using omens of nature, casting spells of enchantment or “charming” animals, use of knot-tying magic, evil sorcery, and channeling of spirits. Some of these practices contradict modern Wicca and witchcraft, but not all.

The so-called New Testament is also different. We have Galatians 5:19-20, 22 which lists things you shouldn’t take part in. Your Bible may have all different kinds of words including witchcraft, sorcery, etc. But the original Greek word is “pharmakia”. The most accurate translation of this word is, one who poisons using toxins, or a more figurative interpretation, one who goes around poisoning people’s minds. Given the language of the author, it’s strongly possible this is the actual meaning. Either that, or pharmacists might find themselves being in trouble with the Bible, since some drugs have negative side-effects.

The last place the Bible explicity forbids witchcraft is the ominous book of Revelation, in 21:8. People who are in hell are described, and of course sorcerers, I.e. witches, etc. are on the list. We have 31 different translations of this verse into English and they all say something a little different. The most accurate translation? Hard to say. Again, phamakos is used. Most translations seem to imply evil sorcery, I.e. “black magic”. If we interpret it to mean “white magic” to include the act of healing, this would certainly put Christian faith healers in question, since the text doesn’t specify. Some translations also refer to people who cast out demons, tell fortunes,etc.

So to sum up, I don’t really see a strong Biblical case against modern Wiccan religion or other forms of witchcraft that practice so-called white magic. Just because your Bible uses the English word “witch” or “sorcerer” doesn’t mean it’s talking about the same thing you and I mean when we use those words.

The strong fear and hatred many modern Christians have against witchcraft comes less from the Bible and more from the church’s historical perceptions and dealings with people accused of practicing it.

Answer #24

I believe Jaes made a typo. I think “ahamens” is supposed to be “Shamans”. And yes, they get a bad rap just like every other man, woman, or child that practices magick in any form.

FunAdvice: What have you read that stated that traditional witchcraft was developed by Native Americans? That answer is stereotyping the Craft! In truth, it’s a melting pot of all sorts of traditions from many different cultures. And, amazingly, a lot of them are very similar; but, by no means, did Native Americans found the religion. If you still believe so, please, tell me where it is you found this imformation so I can make sure to spell out the original meaning of it to you.

And where’d you get this bull (forgive my language, but this comment truly upsets me) that we make people do things that they don’t want to do? Like the mythical love spell!? HA! No… It can increase the possibility that the person may be attracted to you, but it NEVER forces anyone to fall madly in love with you! That’s pure fantasy!

Okay… Back to the original question.

First off, I’d like to tell you how I regret that your friend had to go from selling something that meant so much to her, to selling cheap, worthless things that will eventually be thrown out.

But, I have to say that (many, but not always all) Christians fear anything different from their own beliefs, whether it’s sexual orientation or other religious beliefs, like the practice of magick, for example. I find it’s best to state the facts to counteract their hurtful words, like being grouped with people who will, if they haven’t already, suffer the wrath of the law of three.

And I’ll say it again, I believe that we’re all worshiping the same thing; we just have different ways of going about it! So, I won’t judge anyone, or condemn them to some kind of horror because I think myself to be above that. No… I smile, thank them for their oppinion and move on. … Okay, maybe a debate and a promise that they’ll pray for me (To which I give another sincere thank you.) will ensue, but it’s just conversation to me.

People will always say things that offend you, Love, you just have to take it with a smile and never let it keep you from doing something you love. It’ll always be in the back of your mind, but the wound will heal, and as long as you know you’re doing the right thing for you, I don’t think someone else’s oppinion matters. Though, it does make a great peice for debate, huh? ^_^

Feel free to funmail me!

Blessed be!

Answer #25

sigh never said they were the starter pay attention. I said it was older than Christians, same with the origins of witchcraft. & Satin is just a Christain Boogy man, grow up already sigh Or at least stop pestering me with that nonsense

Answer #26

Indians aren’t the starters! thats absurd! Biblical references are negative towards witchcraft etc. because it deals with saintan. Magic these days is more of an entertainment. It uses science. The priests need to take it easy, its just entertainment.

Answer #27

ahamens??? wth is that???

Answer #28

God is our creator, and he wants our allegiance. He is against anything that takes our devotion from him.

Answer #29

ummm… rnealw, Was that comment aimed at me?

Answer #30

They are on a lower vibration of thinking, Knowledge wise they are scared to know ,they are afraid to open the doors of the unknown, they are content to stay in their box , I worked at a metaphysics store as a spiritual counsler and a lot of peeps thought we were evil, we dare to think outside of the box, we know more than closed minded religions they shut their self off to learning more, We believe in Father, Mother, HolySpirit, Gods & Goddesses,

Answer #31

“The probation is closing and it will not be long now before Jesus comes, the graves will be opened and the righteous will go to heaven”

Says who? Hal Lindsay? I seem to remember him predicting that the 1980’s would be the countdown to Armageddon. I read that in a book he wrote, called “The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon”.

So far, every generation of Christians has believed they were living in the end times. This generation is no different. So far all have been wrong. Again, this generation is no different.

Answer #32



Where did you get that it was Indians who started witches?

Answer #33


Answer #34

Orion, wicca does not stand for evil and has nothing to do with satanists.

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