Why do people ask the stupidest question?

Why do people ask the stupidest question???

Answer #1

Quite simple really. If you dont like the question press ctrl + alt + delete, enter, enter, throw your computer out of the window, go climb up a mountain and live the rest of your life in seclusion away from the ravages of technology



Answer #2

maybe they seeking attension hhaha x

Answer #3

This question is getting annoying, it’s only been asked like 10 times in the last two days, if you dont like a question, it’s really simply, dont answer it!

Answer #4

Maybe you should as yourself why did you ask your question?

Answer #5

I asked this because I see so many incompetant people that ask stupid questions that are blatently obvious to even the most disabled person

Answer #6

I think that if your thirteen and you want to know how to finger your girlfreind that importance is irelavent!!!

*Cause you just ask one too.

I’ll take your advice when you learn to type correctly

Answer #7

Why ask this question when you judge. This site isn’t for judging. There is no such word such as stupid questions. Keep your opinions to yourself regarding this site and people’s questions. If you don’t like a question because its stupid, then skip it and move on to the next one. You know, you do have the choice to answer questions that might or might not interest you. Also, you don’t have to read the question if its stupid to you. Everyone on here including you, and myself have a right to ask questions on here freeley. We all have a right to ask a question that’s important to us whether its stupid or not. We’re all entitled to that on here.

Answer #8

If you think the question is irrelevant then don’t answer it or even read it. And because this is a website about questions whether they are stupid or not is not for you to decide. Some people don’t feel comfortable asking people questions face to face so they come on here where they are basically anonymous.

By the way, you shouldn’t judge people on their questions, answers or spelling.

Especially when you can’t spell (irrelevant, incompetent, blatantly).

Answer #9

oh yah well I don’t know your mom or something

Answer #10

Maybe for you it’s stupid question but for them it’s important question

Answer #11

Because they are bored or curious about weird things. Kind of the same reason you asked this…

Answer #12

Cause you just ask one too.

Answer #13

Lol. There’s no such thing as a stupid question! Everyone knows that!

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