Why is everyone obsessed with their weight?

Why is everybody obsessed with losing weight and being slimmer?? I am 10 pounds overweight, and I think I look great! What is with these people who have a perfect body but think they’re fat and gross?

Answer #1

It is an obsession mainly for girls from junior high up to college. Then we generally have better things to worry about - like how to pay the bills and which coupon to use this time around. If you’re thirteen and you are not concerned with how people view you at all, then good for you. Don’t change.

The obsession with weight is mainly because of something called ads. Ads influence our way of thinking and subtly tell us what is “normal.” Since only about 5% of women in America look like the models in those ads - who are genetically thin and/or have starved themselves - the other 95% are convinced they are not of normal weight and thusly go on a never-ending cycle of dieting.

As has been said, you should lose weight to be HEALTHY, not to be thin or to please other people. You can be overweight and not have to worry about your health only until you’re in your mid-twenties. Then it all goes downhill from there. So don’t wait and get used to exercising now!

Answer #2

First of all, good for you! How nice to see someone with a healthy body and a healthy attitude.

I blame a lot of the problem on the TV/Television industries and the fashion industry - for some reason they consider ‘beauty’ as being stick thin. I, for one, am tired of seeing ‘cookie cutter blondes,’ who all look alike. It’s as though these gals don’t have a mind of their own. (Not to pick on blondes…there are also plenty of ‘cookie cutter brunettes’ out there too.)

In some ways, I think we have ourselves to blame for this. We watch the movies/television programs, we buy the CD’s, we buy the clothes, we buy the magazines…we feed into it. Maybe we should all take a stand and say, “Come on! Show us a movie or a television program starring a REAL person, one who is healthy and confident. Maybe if WE didn’t subscribe to THEIR idea of what ‘beauty’ is, things would change. They are making millions off of us…if we don’t spend it, they don’t get it!

And it’s not just a weight issue. Look at all the women (and men) who run off to the doctor to get a shot of botox because, lo and behold, a LINE or a WRINKLE appeared on their face. I just watched a program where a 23 year old has already started on botox. That is just plain ridiculous!

And, for that matter, why do models have to be tall and stick thin? Sure, the clothes on the runway fit THEM, but give me a break! The average woman doesn’t look like that! What? Do designers create their clothes for one small segment of society? And really, who would wear some of that ugly crap anyway? :-)

Lose weight to feel healthy and to STAY healthy. Do it for yourself and not for someone else’s vision of what beauty and perfection is. Be the boss of yourself!

Answer #3

well a lot of it comes from the press. They make us think fat is bad. But honestly its stupid because if you think about it people are starving while you say I dont wana eat that ill gain weight. Yes I know I am very deep for being 13.

Answer #4

its called low self esteem. okay? no offence being overweight isnt good either. Yeh skinny people think they are fat and people think thats crazy. But fat people thinking they are thin is also crazy.

Answer #5

I agree with Mark21 I am not overweight but I wish I was I would rather have curves than bones n I think a lot of guys will agree with me thy dnt want a bone to holkd onto thy want sumthin soft…skin xxx

Answer #6

No, you need to get real because the average woman is about 5-10 lbs overweight and if it is distributed well over her body and toned, then it can be sexy. And the majority of men prefer a woman with some extra lbs than some toothpick who is obsessed about fitting into a size 1.

Answer #7

well everyone has their own reasons, reasons could be psychological, pressure from the media to look a certain way, peer pressure, comfort eating, attention seeking etc.

Answer #8

if being fat was really cool and trendy, people would do it. there are so many people saying its bad. ive got a couple extra pounds, but hey more to love! ;D and im as healthy as can be. im not obease and im not a twig either. i dont think that there is a thing wrong with my weight. lets face it. people in this world have alot of problems. and sometimes they can be sheepish, and go along with the flock even if its not in they’re best interest.

Answer #9

because it messes withyour self esteem. If you look at your sel fand you think your fat…your gonna have bad self esteem..so ur gonna feel like crap..all day …or however long. Your gonna feel soo depressed and unhappy inside if you are not happy withyour appearance. Plus its hard to find dating partners whenyou are over weight (so sad but true)..soo the pressure and desire to want a companion will nag and depress you so bad so that you are constantly worreid about your appearance. Weight just messes with your mind and sady..it controls most peoples lifes..I know it controls mine

Answer #10

I dont know why… Im glad someone sees my point as my because died of anorexia and as long as your not dangerously overwieght I think anyones fine and like she said above guys like meat something they can hold not some sagging balloon stand straight dont blow away with the litter! XxX

Answer #11

I disagree with those of you who consider being so skinny that your bones show is attractive. i believe men like hips, not hip bones. You go girl!!

Answer #12

u r 1 crazy women tryn 2 take on the world it is a disease not a choice

Answer #13

hm. i guess i agree . im not over weight but i think that it is way better 2 have a “curvy” figure! i guess sum ppl just think theyre 2 fat…

Answer #14

i’m sorry, WHAT?

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