Get your cherry popped how long does it bleed

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I only bled for two hours

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I bled about an hour also, and it was very light

how do you know if your cherry has been popped???

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different for everyone. I only bled for about an hour

What is implantation bleeding and how long can it last?
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depends... usually a day or two.. sometimes longer. for me it was about a week...

How long are you supposed to bleed after losing your virginity?

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well my boyfriend popped my cherry on friday I didnt know what the side effects where untill I looked em up I got so freaked out but I learnd for me I was in pain and was very tired I got up the next day and it was beleeding a lot I bleed for about 3 day starit so dont worry girls if you pop it dont think the worse just put a tampon or a pad so you wont bleed all over and just think it will be easier for you to have sex now that it is popped

How long is implanation bleeding?
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my cherry got popped 5 days ago and i am still bleeding nd mine is heavey

How much and how long do you bleed after losing your virginity?

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