Who wrote this book and what is the title?

I read this book about a year ago and I remember a few things about it, but not the title.
For starters, the main character was a girl who was exteremly involved in school. Her grandmother blackmailed her parents to let her take the girl on a back-packing trip to southeast asia. The main character unwillingly went and there she met an asian cowboy named Hank. He wore fake sideburns. Also, the girl had gas-permeable contact lenses. (dont ask me how I remember this but not the title) In the end, the girl got stuck in a cabin with a bunch of heroin addicts and there was a little girl. The little girl at the cabin played with sticks all the time and gave one to the main character when she had to leave. Turns out, she wrote a book about her southeast asian adventure and got her good grades after all. Its really bothering me and I can't remember the title, or the author!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Hey, sorry if this answer is let (or you may already know) but I think the book is called Carpe Diem and the author is Autumn Cornwell.

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ahh!!!thank you sooo much! gosh, i can't even think of why i wouldnt remember it!

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