Who wears shoes in the house?

Do you where shoes in the house, or take them off at the door. If its shoes off then do you go barefoot, or wear slippers or socks. Are your guests asked to remove their shoes?

Answer #1

We take our shoes off at the door and leave a basket of slippers in the foyer. We get all sizes of slippers at the dollar store, so we have a variety of sizes for guests. I like to keep my floors clean. If you don’t want people to wear shoes in your house, it is not impolite to ask people to remove them. It’s your house and I’m sure your guests will understand!

Answer #2

I wear shoes inside and keep all my shoes inside as well I cant see how people could leave there shoes outside were spiders and other bugs can easily get inside them

Answer #3

In Sweden where I was born hosts and guests wear stockinged feet indoors, shoes are taken off at the door, in my home including during the time of my father, me and my parents were supposed to wear slippers indoors, but if very tired, busy, or in a hurry sometimes kept the shoes, me and my father if very tired even kept the shoes or boots on in bed and guests if any kept their shoes.

Answer #4

I don’t have a remove your shoes at the door policy, but I will tell you that I’m almost always barefoot at home! I prefer to have naked feet, I’ll even go outside barefoot…occasionally I’ll drive to pick up fast food barefoot too!

Answer #5

We don’t really have a rule about that, but we are just barefoot or socks because shoes are uncomfortable wearing them all day.

Answer #6

Well, my family walks barefoot or with socks. Guests at our house have to take their shoes off at the door. Shoes track in all sorts of dirt..

Answer #7

it depeNds if I Had 0n Sneakers Then im in Socks/ But if I weAr Slip on TheN I Walk Baref00t Around the HouSe! WhEn FriEnds C0me Over They Do The Same

Answer #8

I’m normally barefoot in the house because I’m just more comfortable that way. If I have shoes on when I come in and I’m getting ready to leave again soon, I might leave them on. When guests come over to our house they normally take off their shoes if they are staying a while.

Answer #9

I usually go barefoot in my house and in my garden. Except in winter.

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