Who watched The New Moon Trailer?

OMG! I am soo exited 11-20-09 CANNOT WAIT! =D

did you watch the trailer? Are you exited? Man I am!

Answer #1

Twilight is a desecration of literature to our already malnourished society. Stephenie Meyer is a bubbleheaded idiot, who based Bella Swann entirely off of herself. Edward, Jacob, and Sam are all based off of her BROTHERS. Plus, the entire book is purple prose. I was correcting all of the grammar mistakes, rather than reading it. I mean, honestly–that woman is an idiot. Bella is a Mary-Sue, who is obssessed with an abusive boyfriend who SPARKLES. Seriously? I thought most men who were considere homosexuals sparkle. Robet Pattinson look like he’s been hit in the face with a shovel. Emmett looks like he’s racked up on steroids. Alice look like a prostitute. Jasper looks like he’s constipated. Rosalie looks like she purges…

Did they mention that Robert was HIGH ON VALIUM when auditioning for Edward Cullen? Did you know that Kirsten Stewart was smoking weed on the set? There are pictures! Robert also mentioned in an interview that he HATES Edward Cullen, but they’ve got him in a contract so he can’t quit unless he changes his name!

Edward Cullen is an abuser. Bella is a brat. And in Meyerland, that’s okay.


Answer #2

WOW! yea the movie sucks compared 2 the book.but do have to put evry one down like that? the book is different and unque which makes it a good book.I mean you have every right to state your opinion but DANG.

Answer #3

Nah, I agree with psyrenity so much. Twilight is so overated, boring & pointless and people are so over obsessed about the whole film.

I dont find it a rude comment. I find it honest. and true.

I wouldnt want to be known for creating the twilight books. even if it IS 4. I wouldnt care how much money it would be, I cant stand the books.

Answer #4

I know, but still. I like to share my opinion :) and you asked if I were excited. No, I am not excited. Infact, im dreading it. D:

Answer #5

Mostly everyone is exited… lol! I mean everyone luvs it(almost everyone) in other words not you! don’t gotta put it dowb I just asked if ya watched it not if yo didn’t like it!

Answer #6

it was amazing!! :)

Answer #7

I’m not stating that men who sparkle are homosexual, I’m saying that in the basic public eye–and seeing Anti-Twilight quotes–those are well known.

If I would be known, and taking money for, a pointless book and forcing an actor who doesn’t want to continue to participate in my movie, I would feel ashamed to breathe.

And I am honest.

If it’s rude, then too bad for you. ;)

Answer #8

I guess the books are objective to everyone’s adaptation and perception… but I don’t think I read the same books psyrenity did. …I’ve read way worse

And men who sparkle being homosexual? Thats an ignorant comment to make.

And as far as bashing on all the actors and Stephanie Meyer herself, Well I wish my name we so well known even if it were for just a few books or being a character in some teengirl crazed based low budget film

…and I’d be happy to get the money to go with that.

Good for them.

xox Sika

Answer #9

haha yes it is :L The story line is all messed up, the actors are really bad, none of them are in the slightest, nice looking, rob pattinson is not a stud, no one is a vampire in real life.. It has ruined all the other vampire films & it has made people think that they are vampires. pah.

Plus, it’s all serious and all about love and bla bla bla. Im just not interested in it at all. I seen the twilight film when it came out & OMG D: I thought it would have been at least passable. but omg I thought wrong.

But there are some people that love the film and are excited =/ I find it strange how people actually like the film.

But oh well. everyone to there own.

Answer #10

I liked the book a lot but the movie is not that good. Robert is the worst actor EVER and he acts like he is acting instead of acting like it is real. I am excited and want to see it just because I like the book. It is funny though because one of my friends was telling a group of people that it was a bad movie and they disagreed. He said the movie was all like Bella- omg why are you watching me sleep? Edward- Because you look so delicitous or I mean beautiful

It was SO funny. Really though the movie is not that good.

Answer #11

I think the film was horrible. The book is much better. The movie was very poorly made but with a new director I think new moon will do the book justice.

As for the story line, it’s nothing special but it is entertaining.

It is refreshing however to have a vampire series that isn’t all about wars and bloodlust with a love story in the background. Contrary the love story in this is very much in the forefront.

Excited for new moon.

xox Sika

Answer #12

No. twilight is the worst film ever. (I.M.O)

Answer #13



Twilite sucks! (in my opinion)

Answer #14

haha, No it isn’t!

Answer #15

the trailer has made it look bl*y amazin!! it will be soo much better with the new director, can you believe that theyre prob makin it right now :) im so excited, I am in love with jasper and jacob looks sooo fit in the trailer :D xx

Answer #16

Well, I watched the trailer and I can’t wait for the movie! I think it’s going to be really interesting. The first movie wasn’t BAD, it just wasn’t as good as I wished it would have been.. but that’s in comparison to the book. I think with the new director, it will be good, and better than the first. Psyrenity: I find your comment a little offensive. I don’t care if you didn’t like the book. You don’t need to start mocking the author because of that. OBVIOUSLY, the book is NOT “a desecration of literature to our already malnourished society” if so many people enjoy the book. It wouldn’t be a best-seller if it WAS. Stephenie Meyer is a very successful woman who writes good books. Good for her. She obviously spent a lot of time and effort on them.

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