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Your name…lindabella Age. 13 Favorate color…blue Are you emo…im not. What color are your eyes…mine are blue Whats your favorate word.mine is …I for got…it never gets old lol Whats your favorate phrase…I know right…and illl love you forever…lol Whats your favorate kind of time of day…daytime… Do you like school…if you dont why not…yup.
Whats your favorate subject…none im terrible at all of it… What is your worst subject…all of them… Are you a dork…I am lol jk Are you annoying…yup if I want to be that is … Are you mean…not really Are you nice…sometimes… Are you popular…nope Are you unpopular…kind of … Do you have friends…yup Whats your favorate name in the world…I like my name… Whats your favorate number…17 Do you want to be my friend…I wouldnt…lol im just joking lol hahahaha.

Answer #1

Your name? Tasha

Age? 18

Favourite color? Red

Are you emo? I’m told I am, but I’m told I’m prep too… I’m just myself. *Labels are for soup cans =]

What color are your eyes? Mine change from dark brown to dark blue.

Whats your favourite word? Right now it’s “Laekker” xD

Whats your favourite phrase? Why go through life unnoticed.

Whats your favourite kind of time of day? Late Night / Early Morning

Do you like school? If you don’t why not? No. Because I hate high school drama.

What’s your favourite subject? Hmmm… Not any of the ones I’m taking right now. But I love Psychology.

What is your worst subject? Used to be math… Probably Philosophy now though.

Are you a dork? Uhm I think so?

Are you annoying? Depends on who you ask.

Are you mean? Sometimes.

Are you nice? Sometimes.

Are you popular? Don’t care. Told I am though.

Are you unpopular? Don’t care.

Do you have friends? Many.

What’s your favourite name in the world? Uhm… Don’t know.

What’s your favourite number? 13

Do you want to be my friend? Sure…

Answer #2

your name…Jayde Age. =) Favorate color…to many to choose =( Are you emo…depends on how you look at it. but I’d say no. what color are your eyes…green!!! Whats your favorate word. mist (I don’t know, its my fave word for now I guess) whats your favorate phrase…
whats your favorate kind of time of day…when you wake up and dont have to go to school do you like school… when I understand it yes =) whats your favorate subject… does art class count? what is your worst subject… science =/ are you a dork…no Are you annoying…no =( hope not are you mean…not at all are you nice…yup are you popular…nope are you unpopular…no do you have friends…yup whats your favorate name in the world… mmm I dont know whats your favorate number…10 Do you want to be my friend…’course =)

Answer #3

your name-Katarina


Favorite color-purple

Are you emo-Isn’t everyone emotional sometimes?

what color are your eyes-Brown sadly

Whats your favorite word-I have many favorite words that I can’t choose from

whats your favorite phrase-Don’t have one. It all gets old

whats your favorite kind of time of day-nighttime

do you like school…if you dont why not-It’s okay. Ask me again by the end of this year

whats your favorite subject-Reading I guess

what is your worst subject-Algebra. Hate it with a passion

are you a dork-I can be

Are you annoying-I can be

are you mean-I can be if you make me

are you nice-Most of the time

are you popular-Ask me again by the end of this year

are you unpopular-Ask me again by the end of this year

do you have friends-Yes

whats your favorite name in the world-I have no idea

whats your favorite number-8

Do you want to be my friend-If you’re a cool person

Answer #4

My name: GArett

Age: 15

Favorite Color: Green Are you emo: No What color are your eyes: Brown What is your favorite word: With Whats your favorite phrase: Whats up Whats your favorite time of day: Midday Do you like school: Some what, I know we need it I just get can’t wait till I get home, it’s not that I dont like it, its I just can’t wait till it’s over Whats your favorite subject: World History What is your woest subject: Science Are you a dork: Define dork, I can be one when someone means im fooling around Are you annoying: Can be Are you mean: No Are you nice: Most of the time Are you popular: Oh yah Are you unpopular: No way Do you have friends: Yes What is your favorite name in the world: John What is your favorite number: 13 Do you want to be my friend: I dont know I do not really know you

Answer #5

I guess I can try one of these… :)

Your name: Miguel A. Montana

Age: 14 going on 15

Are you emo? I don’t believe in labels.

What color are your eyes? Mine are a dark brown, I like to think they’re black though.

What’s your favorite word? Rehtoric and facetious!

What’s your favorite phrase? Ignorance is bliss :)

What’s your favorite time of day? Night time, I love the night! I find it to be so mysteriously alluring to me!

Do you like school? Yes I do! I love to learn! :)

What’s your favorite subject(s)? English and Global History!

What’s your worst subject? Currently algebra but I’m gonna get better, I promise!

Are you a dork? Yes I am, Rachel gave me my dork title :)

Are you annoying? My mom thinks I am :S

Are you mean? I don’t like being mean :(

Are you nice? I try my best to be nice all the time but sometimes I forget…

Are you popular? Don’t wanna be, rather have close friends :)

Do you have friends? Sure as heck I do! :)

What’s your favorite name in the world? No clue… To many :(

Do you want to be my friend? Sure! I can do that!

Answer #6

your name… -Ciara

Age. -15

Favorate color.. -Blue

Are you emo.. -Nahh. But my boyfriend is a skater with black hair. :)

what color are your eyes.. -Green.

Whats your favorate word -Awesome.

whats your favorate phrase.. -I love you. <3

whats your favorate kind of time of day.. -When school ends. :P

do you like school… -Nope.

whats your favorate subject.. -Health lol

what is your worst subject… -Civics.

are you a dork.. -Heck to the Yeah. lol Dorks are sexy.

Are you annoying.. -More than likely not.

are you mean.. -No.

are you nice. -Pretty much.

are you popular.. -Our schools not that big so im up there. lol

are you unpopular… -Nahh. they all know me. :)

do you have friends… -Duhh

whats your favorate name in the world -Storm - Girl. Or Shylen - Girl. -Sterling - Boy or Zeke - Boy

whats your favorate number… -16

Do you want to be my friend… -Sure?

Answer #7

your name Julie

Age. 15.

Favorate color Blue.

Are you emo Nah.

what color are your eyes A very dark brown.

Whats your favorate word. I don’t really have one lol.

whats your favorate phrase Hi, what’s up.

whats your favorate kind of time of day Afternoon.

do you like school…if you dont why not I dread going there, tiring, I sleep during class, and I miss homework deadlines.

whats your favorate subject English. :)

what is your worst subject Science..

are you a dork Mega dork.

Are you annoying When hyper.

are you mean Maybe sometimes.

are you nice Maybe sometimes.

are you popular Nah, popularity really doesn’t matter to me.

are you unpopular Yep. :p

do you have friends The best. Four musketeers.

whats your favorate name in the world I like my own.

whats your favorate number 6 for some reason…

Do you want to be my friend Sure why not. :o

Answer #8

Tiffany 14 going on 15 :) Does it matter? Dark GrEeN KaRmA Don’t know :/ Night :) Yep Math History :/ Yepperzz Other people think so :) No Sometimes No, I like it that way :) Yes Don’t know :) 13 Sure!! :)

Answer #9

1.caden 2.13 3.Emo/gothic 4.red blue green puple 5.who cares 6.I love you 7.nitetime 8.no 9.none 10.no I am seres 11.yes 12.sometimes 13.no 14.no just clubs and my girl 15.21 16.sure I will be your friend

Answer #10

lol nice one…

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