Who thinks red hair is pretty?

I have red hair (as you can tell from my pic) and I absoulutly hate it!! I always have to re-apply sunscreen and my eyebrows and eyelashes are invisible and everyone calls me ginger and they say they’ll get gingivitis if they stand near me and it makes me really upset :’(

Answer #1

I have red hair too, although mine is the more blondish red hair than brownish red hair, I also apply sunscreen throughout the day to keep my freckles down. However one thing I found really made a difference was Mascara, I know make up…I hated it too before I used it, and if your anything like me not only are your eyebrows invisible but my eyelashes are too. Making your eyelashes visible with black (or even Brown) mascara can make a major difference, Experiment at home to see what difference it makes, and then wear at school, you don’t even have to load it on. Now the eyebrows, for me I left them as they were, until I got bored and tried my mums eyelash and eyebrow dye kit, I used a chocolate brown and left it on for about 30 - 40 seconds before taking off, Its not much colour but it make my eyebrows more visible, which gives my face more shape. I’ve had several debates with myself on dyeing my hair, But hey! they’re just jealous, their hair is boring and unoriginal, take pride and in your hair and learn to laugh at the jokes people say, I do! Ignore them if they say mean things, and as far a being called a ginger or ginga, just go with the flow, accept it, people will stop when they realize it doesn’t affect you. At least we don’t have jokes that imply we’re stupid like blondes do. Smile =)

Answer #2

Red hair is so awesome!!! One of my best friends has red hair and I love it. Never dye your hair! Well it’s your choice do what you want but don’t let those weird people decide what your gonna do with your gorgeous hair!

Answer #3

FIRE CROTCH haha jk I think red hair is beautiful expecially on u. own it :)

ps: your gorgeous :)

Answer #4

Red Hair is unique. Unique is something I like. I have brown/black hair. I hate my hair color. It is too common for my liking. I think red hair shows power. Strongness. You are unique. Blondies are SOOO not unique AT ALL!!! Everyone is dying their hair blonde. Be proud of being unique. And the people who make fun are jealous or don’t know how significantly different you are. Best of Luck, Me

Answer #5

Madi,I LOOOVE your red hair and I think it makes you who you are. So the next time someone tries to pick on you and your hair, remember that and say… Look who’s talkin ( color of person,s hair bein mean to you) head!yea that’s right! … Then I’ll know you will smile

Answer #6

I love your hair!They secretly love your hair and hope and pray they would have it!!!It doesn’t seem like it right now,but they do!!!I hate my hair but my friends say all the time they would have my hair.People are just jeleous.Trust me!I have been through the same thing!!!I still am!Lol!Hope I helped!=D

Answer #7

Red hair is fierce!! And yes, it’s unique/rare!! That’s what makes it sooo cool!! I like it!! :D Oh yeah, those kids who make fun of you..well, they can go to hell! :)

Answer #8

I LOVE red hair. I wish I were born with it, but haha im asian so black it is. I think red hair is beautiful! its unique and soemthing you should embrace and be proud of it!

Answer #9

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!

Embrace it, Hun! And for your eyelashes, try a mascara that will bring your eyes out, but still look natural at www.justforredheads.com.

Answer #10

Do you have any idea how many people want red hair? It’s very beautiful. See my profile pic. Oh and sunscreen will help you. Research it.

Answer #11

I think red hair is the bomb!!! I have red hair and I have the same situation as you do when people call me ginger and have gingervitis :) I just kinda go with it and tease about it but they are just jealous and wish they had it… so dont feel sad about red hair cause its awesome!!! :D

Answer #12

Notice how everyone said your hair is “unique” they never said it was pretty. I know that what you wanted to hear. Some red hair is very pretty, I personally think that dark red hair is to die for. But I am a natural blone, and I can relate to having non-existant eyelashes! Depending on how old you are they sell mascara that is brown, or even red by now, that will help make your lashes stand out without theneed to wear a ton of make up. People will probably pick on you about your hair all through life. People who are weak need someone to point out to people to take the focus off of their imperfections. Red hair is bright, and so it stands out, which is why it can become an easy target. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Some of us LOVE red hair and some of us are REPULSED by it. Its not fair to try to say either opinion is wrong because people are entitled to feel freely. What they are not entitled to do is make you feel bad for the way that you were born. While I am not a huge red hair fan I do think that you will one day appreciate what makes you stand out. If all else fails you can always dye it!

Answer #13

you have nothing to be ashamed of, its absoloutly stupid how people pick on it and I so wish it was illegal like racism, its should be against the law to pick on someone for their hair, and believe me I have been through it all. eventually I had to leave school and be home school but be proud, im proud of my hair, nowdays when some piece of cheese says something stupid about my hair I smile, delete their insignifficant comment from my mind and walk away. unfortunatly youll see how stupid and just how outright dumb and inbred humans can be.

Answer #14

I love red hair! It’s so pretty! lol I dye my hair red cause I love the color so much. Yes red is a gorgeous color, and its a rare hair color for people. Work that hair, show off your uniqueness and ignore all the haters! pumps fist in the air Lol sorry I get carried away sometimes…

Answer #15

I have red hair too and I love it. It makes you who you are and alotta people want red hair. Dont ever change it, let them be jealous. I thought about changing the color once but then I realized I was one of the very lucky ones who had red hair. Forgett what everybody else says at your school. Red hair is the best and you should be proud to have it. and if people are acting like that then you shouldnt want them around anyway. I never really got picked on about it but I think it might be because I love my hair, I always have and youe hair is GORGEOUS!!! Dont let nobody tell you otherwise. Many people color their hair to red but it never turns out right. Our hair color is natural, rare, and beautiful so be yourself and show it off and be proud!!! My friend went threw the same thing with her hair when she was younger so this is what I told her and it helped, hope this helps you feel better about you hair. (:

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