Who thinks my parents are being fair?

So I am involved in my school play. Last night was the last night. Our play lasted until 10:00 and left at 11:30. After the play, everybody(and I know it's not literally everybody, but out of like 80 or so kids, I would say 40ish) goes out to a diner. Now I really wanted to go because there are a lot of seniors who I won't be seeing a lot of. I told my mom that everybody was going and she said I couldn't go because I am 15 and being out that late is not right. The thing is that a lot of other freshmen were there too and there parents didn't care. I just wanted to be there for one last time and my parents wouldn't let me. Who thinks that my parents are being fair? I would like opinions from everybody including parents of kids my age. Thanks.

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...thanks for pointing that out, the sixth...

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its not fair to us no.
but to them they think they are just keeping there little baby's safe.
suckss inoo /:

what do you think?

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you used the wrong "there" its supposed to be their parents don't care, not there parents don't care

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Ther not fair well if your not responsible or get in trouble a lot then it's fair but if your responsible it's not fair

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I am responsible. And I'm never out that late. It's just a once or twice a year thing.

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O well then you should be able to stay out

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Well they are not the other kids parents. And if they think its too late for you to be out then you just have to deal with that.

.P.S. I know Parents are hard and can suck sometimes.

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I am 14 and that sucks but that is what my mom would say.It sucks I know but they just care and love you.The kids that are going,their parents maybe are not that great of parents.Drunk and maybe taking drugs and not coming back until 4 maybe 5 in the morning.I just see it like that.Again,it sucks.But that is life and there will be moments that suck.

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You can't go you can't go they can do whatever they are your perents and they make the rules.
So they won't let you go then you have no choice.
Thye are not the other kids perents but they are your perents therefore you can't go.
I'm 14 and I can't go anywhere litrally so..

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