Who thinks i am pregnant from my situation?

Please help! I know its too early to tell thats why im asking for opinions ( either a yes you are or no you arent) to either prepare or ease my mind.
I am 18 years old and my boyfriend of 5 years and I have always had sex with a condom but recently he started cumming inside me( with a condom). I got my regular period the 8th of march and usually get my periods on time and at worst a day or two late. Now its april 20th and still no sgin of my period which is weird cause I can always feel it one way or another comming yet, even this late still no sign. I am not on birth control and we never had un protected sex, no condom broke although we dont blow it up to see if any tiny holes type deal. Please help any opinion will help. Thank you!!

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- Hmm.. Well Girl If You Havent Got Your Period;Than What Do You Think That Means...
You Should Just Take a Home Pregnancy Test;Or Just Wait & See If You Belly Grows;..
& To Answer It I Say Yes! I Think You Are Pregoo...

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I dont think you could be pregnant if you really use a condom every time.. but the late period kinda makes me wonder. I mean theres always a small chance, but I dont think so.

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