Who stood in line for Halo 3?

Did anyone pre-order Halo 3? If you did, tell me what you think about it. What sets it apart from the previous installments? What are some drawbacks? Be specific. What I DON’T want to hear is:

“omg!!! fn halo fn RAWKSSS!!! I pwn nooobz!!!”


“halo sukkks gears of war is da sh*t!”

Give me some legitimate reasons why you like or dislike certain aspects of this new game.

Answer #1

Like I said before, the story and campaign mode left MUCH to be desired. But that takes a back seat to why it was made. The majority of ALL who buy it, will buy it SOLEY for XboxLIVE. That’s where it will make the money… and it WILL.

I care more about the story, that’s what I focused on, I said NOTHING negative about Halo 3’s online play, because I have no interest in it. There are DOZENS & DOZENS of ‘online multiplayer deathmatch’ games on XboxLIVE. As to WHY so many people are so addicted to killing each other online, over and over again, is beyond me.

Oh, and Miss Pinky?

I did play F.E.A.R …it was decent. The creepy ambiance and ghost affects were very well done. But overall, the format of “kill some dudes, see a creepy ghost, kill some more dudes, see another creepy ghost” didn’t make the game warrant a replay for me.

Oh, and if you want to know what I thought of ANY game (Halo 1-3, etc.) with or without spoilers, FunMail me. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.

Answer #2

“I think the ads don’t give you any reason to buy it”.

That ad with the plastic figurines makes me think the game is riding on the popularity of the last two in the series, and not doing something original.

Answer #3

Nothing about Halo has EVER been original. The purpose of Halo was to revitalize the multiplayer FPS genre in the console market… which it did…

Answer #4

I didn’t.

But this guy at my work did. He looked a bit like a zombie today. I don’t think he’s had any sleep since it came out. So it must be good…

Did you wait in line? Was it worth it?

Answer #5

Captainassassin your a pretty tuff critic about Halo 3 arn’t you… stop playing campaign and go Live. Halo 3 is baisted on X Box live (gosh i can’ t spell today srry)

Answer #6

I’ve never really got the halo hype. Halo 2 has got great online… but whats that to people who dont play online? nothing. Gears of war, halo, Call of Duty 4, they all have one thing in common - an outstanding mulitiplayer but a lacklustre single player experiance. Games like Bioshock and Oblivion are games that really stand out for single player experiances

Answer #7

my boyfriend made me stand in line for halo 3. and even though i have no interest in video games at all (unless its like super mario or somthing really basic & 1980’s) Halo is the only game i would actually ever try playing. since you already got it i cant tell you what i think about it because now you know how it is. did you ever play the video game FEAR

Answer #8

my favorite cuz did! :/
i dont understand whats so great about it then agian i never played it

Answer #9

Nope, I got it the next afternoon. I’m almost finished with campaign mode. So far, the story STILL sucks…

Answer #10

My boyfriend got it the next day…there was only 4 copys left!

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