Who loves nick jonas?

Hey, who loves nick jonas??? Am I the only one…if you do…why???

Answer #1

I LOVE HIM!!! he is such an amazing signer he is very talented!…I would love to see him live. (I ask god to through tixkets from the sky everyday) lol

Answer #2

I like nick. but I like joe more. if kevin were youngr id like him morethan kevin. their all hot and great singersa!!!

Answer #3

Like others have said, I just think Nick is really an all around good person, just like the rest of his family. He didn’t seem to change much despite his popularity and he enjoys his career. he is musically talented because he can play three insturments and can sing beautifully. It seems like the Jonas Brothers truly care about their fans and realize that they wouldn’t be ‘livin their dream” without us and I really like that

Answer #4

not a billion girls he is so not cute whatsoever, he is so ugly, and sings like a girl EWWW, he is not really talented at all, the only reason he and his brothers are famous is Disney and little girls mostly between 9-16 obssesing about them, get over it, they don’t sing well, they suck at acting(Joe not at all), but they are seriously overrated

Answer #5

haha you definetly NOT the only person who loves Nick jonas. Its you and a billion of other girls. I love him, but not as much as I love joe! I love nick because he’s quiet. I really like that about him Hes not putting his business everywhere and he’s really respectful. He can say more with a look than he can with words…

Answer #6

I definitley do. He always has a positive outlook on life. His diabetes dont slow him down. He’s such a strong person. I admire him for that!

Answer #7

I like Nick Jonas:P he is an amazing singer and he seems really nice and he is so sensitive and he is so hawt!!!I Love Nick Jonas yah!!! :D xox love him he rocks!!

Answer #8

Hey, Id just like to say I love Nick so much, he is so postive and sure of himself, he doesnt let his diabeties ruin his life, and he doesnt expect special treatment. JOE AND KEVIN…thank you for looking after him, you have done a very good job, you guys rock. Nick is also adorable he is sooo cute, his hair and his smile and his fashion and his voice and his humor and his eyes…well I think thats enough to show why anyone likes him. Nick is amazing!@_@

Answer #9

Hey Ya I love Nick but not for his music and famousness and his money but for his sweet ways with word and really who needs money when he can hold you in his arms through the night. I’d rather be in his arms then going anywhere in the world! But really the chance of him dating me is 1 and a trillion. And I just only wish I was that one. Maybe there will be a day. I love you Nick with all my loving heart and I wish I could of met you before you were famous because then well I would be with you and I would love it. And if I was with you we could lie in the grass and hold hands and just think about who we really are and just fall in love. Well hope to meet you Nick and please come to Ontario wear I live and other great people. Love you and hope to meet you one day. from: Kendra Knight

Answer #10

haha I agree with xxjonasbrosrockxx 100% “everyone who says they hate the jonas brothers really just hates music!”

Answer #11

you are NOT the only one girl!!! look at ANY poll, vote whatever on “whos the cutest jobro” and nick will be at the top joe would be middle and kevin at the bottom. if you are a kevin fan THEN it would not be totaly dumb to ask the question

Answer #12

OMFG!!! Nick I’z my freekin hubby!!!I luv that he’s sensitive and quiet and he has the best puppy dog eyes:) and his thick curly hair is so hawt!!!I looove him!!!

Answer #13

I really admire Nick Jonas because his music and his brothers music has helped me through a lot of hard things. I also admire him because he stays true to himself, his religion and his fans even with all the media (good and bad). And no offense charla but shouldn’t you just try to be yourself around him? He should like you for who you are and not because you try to impress him. Its just a thought

Answer #14

I OVE NICK JONAS!! I have been planing the outfit that I will wear to his concert forever! I want to impress him. I just know he will love me evryone tells me they could swim in my wonderful eyes, I prefere to wear dresses over pants, I am active, I am christian, I love his music, I am funny, and I would not treat him like nick jonas the star but I would treat him like nick jonas the person (nick LOVES all those things)

Answer #15

Nick Jonas is my hero.

Answer #16


Answer #17

My couzin because he can do every thing like play guitear and sing and stuff!!! I like Joe

Answer #18

me. Nick JOnas is SUCH an inspiration. someday I hope to be half as strong and successful as he is

+he is RIPPED!

Answer #19

I love him and he is a great role model for young kids with diabetes I love him!!!

Answer #20


Answer #21

not me, I am all for Cody Linley

Answer #22


Answer #23

I LOVE NICK JONAS! I went to their concert on August 11, 2008 in nyc, IT WAS TOTALY AWESOME! there was fire comming out of the stage and fire works inside, and nick, joe, and kevin got a fire hose with the fome in it and sprayed everyone!!! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!! -ERICA S.

Answer #24


Answer #25

nick is hot and has an AMAZING VOICE like dude if I ever tried to sing the things he sings dang my volcal cords would shredd up haha just for further references.. NICK JONAS I LOVE YOU AND ALL your HOT BROTHERS(more of joe than kevin)

Answer #26

My cousin does

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