Who knows if plastic knuckle dusters are legal in canada???

Does anyone know??? I know brass ones are illegal but I am unsure about plastic

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Considering the purpose of it is to inflict harm upon a person's body and do no less damage than a brass set, then the obvious answer would be that they are illegal and do fall under the category of prohibited weapons.

If you shot and killed someone with a plastic bullet, would that be illegal?

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I know this question is old but I have to comment when people don't take the time to read law and give bad information. According to CBSA (don't have a link but I have a print copy) "Plastic knuckles do not fall within the definition of brass knuckles and are therefore not a prohibited weapon" so this means they are not a prohibited weapon. however; I can guarantee if you are caught with them concealed you will be getting a fine for concealed weapon. I was caught with a legit brass set of knuckles (while on weapons prohibition) had to go to court and was fined 500$ for the posession of a prohibited weapon. Moral of the story metal knuckles = prohibited... plastic knuckles= non prohibited but can still land you in hot water as they are still a weapon. So you can buy them but you can't walk around with them.

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