Who is your favourite wrestler?

I know a lot of these questions have been asked already but I’m going to ask it / them anyway. Who is your favourite wrestler and why? Who is your least favourite and why?

Answer #1

Whatever happened to Ric Flair?He’s my all time favorite hands down who is currently in a tie with John Cena,Triple H and The Undertaker.My ultamite least favorite is Randy Orton who is at a tie with Edge,Ryder and Hawkins and Carlito and Santino Morales

Answer #2

aww I used to like batista a lot. but I don’t know anymore not into wrestling it’s scripted

Answer #3

Funadvice- Well, I’m sure you know by now that Flair is retired… But he’s been one of my favourites since forever. I also love Triple H and Taker. I used to adore Cena, but I’m a little over him. He’s okay though.

I only like Orton because he’s a great heel (‘bad guy’) and I don’t really like Santino or Carlito. I love Edge though, and Ryder and Hawkins.

Answer #4

My favorites are: 1 The undertaker tied with Jeff Hardy 2 Triple/HBK 3 the old chris jericho 4 MAtt HArdy Least favorites: EDGE, Randy Orton, THE MIZ and John morrison(even though he is unbelieveably hot)

Answer #5
  1. Hardy Boyz
  2. Chris Jerico
  3. Finlay
  4. Triple H
  5. HBK
  6. C.M. Punk
  7. The Undertaker
  8. Gregory Helms
  9. Rey Mysterio
  10. Elijah Burke and Shelton Benjamin tied

Starting to like John Morrison

Also like

  1. The Rock
  2. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  3. Eddie Guerrero r.I.p
  4. Billy Kidman
  5. Razor Ramon
  6. Diesel
  7. Bret Hart
  8. Ric Flair
  9. Mick Foley
  10. Owen Hart r.I.p

I’ll always hate JBL, Edge, Randy Orton, Kennedy and MVP

Answer #6

cena babe- Yeah, he is pretty hot, lol.

rockstar8090- I kind of agree with you. Jeff Hardy is easily my favourite. He has been for a long time. I’m not a HUGE Jericho fan, though he is alright, and has great mic skills. Not big on Finlay either, though he has been growing on me for some time now. Also, I absolutely love Morrison. :)

lilix- Agreed, Cena and Hardy and Triple H are in my top five. I like Randy, though I don’t like what he does. He’s a great heel though.

Answer #7

guitarchris: I love Randy Orton and Edge too. I don’t like the things Randy does, that’s just his character though. He and Edge are two of the best heels (bad guys) there. And I love ‘em for that.

sparkinlarkin: HBK is one of my faves too. I love it how he came back in the middle of Randy Orton’s championship ceremony. Talk about making an entrance!

Answer #8

guitarchris: I agree with you there. Jeff Hardy and Triple H are my faves at the moment.

xxjamexx: I’m pretty much the same, ‘cept John Morrison and The Miz are on my list instead of Carlito and CM Punk. Can’t stand Carlito.

Answer #9

I like Finlay because he’s helping Hornswoggle a lot and my least favorite would be JBL all this crap about a wrestling god

Answer #10

I love John Cena, mainly because I think hes a stud. lol Umm I really like jeff hardy and Triple H. I guess they are my favorite. I really cant stand Randy Orton. I hate him with a passion. lol I love them becaue they are good wrestlers and wrestling being all about entertainment none entertain me more.:) Randy Orton I really just think hes a p are I c k

Answer #11

isnt Carlito done with wrestling??? And what happend to john cena?…I find Randy orten and edge to be very entertaining! dont know why the people booo them all the time…

Answer #12

undertaker because of his undefeated streak at wrestlemania

Answer #13

I liked it back then when the Hardy boys were with Lita=)

Answer #14

luv cena who doesnt???

Answer #15

JOHN CENA I love him with a passion he is so hot he makes my teeth sweat

Answer #16

My all-time favorite wrestler is the one and only… John Cena ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Answer #17

Jeff Hardy is the man, Why? because he’s a high flyer!!! least fav is batista why? because he sucks a$$!

Answer #18

Well, yeah. I hate JBL too. I’m not too keen on Finlay either. But hey, each to their own.

Answer #19

michelle4 23: Lol, he’s one of my favorites too.

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