Who is the guy in taylor swift's music video tim mcgraw?

Who is the guy in Taylor Swift's Music Video Tim McGraw ? Does anyone know his name ?

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Today's Fan Question: "Is that your real boyfriend in your video "Tim McGraw" ?" Bozena Gnjidic, Jacksonville, FL

Read Taylor's Answer:
Taylor: No, it's not. He was a casted actor and he came from Alabama. His name is Clayton Collins, and I think that he lives in L.A. right now. He was a really sweet guy but definitely not my boyfriend. I have been in this anti-boyfriend stage for about a year now where I'm just like, 'I'm independent, I'm fine on my own.' I have been on tour for the last year so I haven't had a boyfriend for a really long time.

But the guy that "Tim McGraw" was written about looked a lot like the guy we picked for the video. That was done on purpose. He was really tall with dark hair. But that was not my real boyfriend. I don't have a real boyfriend. I'm single.



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