who is the best pokemon?

who is the best pokemon?

Answer #1

da best pok is arceus also knows as god of all poks

Answer #2

you guys have stupid answers. it is obviously mew or arceus.

Answer #3

Vulpix! yay for pokemon ^.^

Answer #4

Rapidash and Charmander, AND rayquaza!

lmao good old days.

Answer #5

I’ve always liked any of the last evolved form of the simplist poemon to catch. like Starly in dimond/pearl pigey in leafgreen/rubyred

Answer #6

I think that the best Pokemon in my case has to be MEWTWO simply because hes to powerful for anyone to beat thats the reason why you have to wait till the end to get him and perhaps ZAPDOS the rare electric bird Pokemon. im talking about the original Pokemon blue.

my Pokemon order goes like this…

MEWTWO lvl 100 DRAGONITE lvl 100 RHYDON lvl 100 ZAPDOS lvl 100 RAPIDASH lvl 100 GYARADOS lvl 100

if anyone likes my pokemon please comment below

Answer #7

I think the best is the shadow lugia. hes SUPER SUPER SUPER SUPER aweswome!!! but my personal favs are mew2 and mew, latias, latios, and charizard. I am also in love with eevee types. and pikachu evelutions. eevee ruls baby!!!

Answer #8

I’ve always liked Charmander. I never played the game. He is just cute to look at.

Answer #9

I still love pokemon been playing it since I was about 7 years old which was 12 years ago my favourite pokemon have always been mew and pikachu and I also like flareon I dont really like any of the newer ones

Answer #10

Ok I’m a pokemon nerd so here’s a list of a few pokemon that are AMAZING.

KINGDRA - My personal favorite, WATER/DRAGON, it only has one weakness, and that’s Dragon. Nothing else can hurt kingdra super effectively.

Wobbofett - It’s a banned UBER type for game play, but gawd he’s fun to play with. The move set is usually Taunt Mirror Coat Counter Safeguard (Rest, or other things like that)

Gengar - He’s a great special attacker with high speed, a must have for special sweepers.

Forrtress - The steel/Bug pokemon, highly under rated by a good bit of people, it can be used for spiking. “Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, etc” Rapid Spin also helps after spiking the field. All 3 of those on the field can take out almost half of your opponents HP if they don’t fly. Bleelom can heal himself if he’s poisoned though, so be careful.

Machamp - A very powerful physical sweeper, must have if you want to try using some muscle.

Ninjask - A wonderfully good pokemon, he can learn Baton Pass (MUST HAVE) and swords dance, and double team. If you max all those with baton pass over to a strong Kingdra, or whatever, it will be hard to destroy. Ninjask’s ability increases his speed every turn so that’s SPD+ATK+EVASIVENESS maxed out on a single pokemon.

All the eevee evolutions are good, they can learn Baton Pass at level 36 I believe. Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon, and Espeon are the best ones to be considered.

Gyarados - A must have. He’s strong, but easily taken out by electric types, but he can have a wide variety of moves.

I don’t like using legendary pokemon since they are insanely powerful, but that’s your choice. I always believed skill comes with pokemon that you can catch without the aid of legendary types.

Answer #11

the ‘’best’’ could be any pokemon it depends how you train it(if you mean in games) my best is empoleon and blastoise but thats because I trained them in my game

Answer #12

I like your Pokemon. I love Dragonite, Zapdos, Rapidash and Gyarados :) Zapdos has always been my favourite legendary bird.

Answer #13

Shinx, of course :)

Answer #14

some of the newer ones are alright.. i really like luxio for some reason..but ya the good ol gameboy color cartriges hd the best pokeemon and coolest moves…like in the old silver, areoblast looked and kicked butt, but in the new one, sol silver…not so much. my favs are skitty and all the eeveelutions though.

Answer #15


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