Who is sick of the Jonas Haters?

I love JB but im sick of the haters!!! Like I’ve asked about meet and greets and stuff and a few other questions but seriously us Jonas fans are entitled to our opionion just as much as you are!! So, Jonas Fans its time for us to put our 2 cents in about the Jonas Haters!!

And for the haters I would like to know why you dis us and the jo-bros… we dont go around dissin the bands you like…

oh, FYI the jonas brothers arent a little kids band there music inspires many teenage girls around the world! they are amazing people,,, and I agree that they will die down and become less popular in a year or so but, in my heart they will be just as famous as ever!!!


                     Bry@nn@h D@wn!!!
Answer #1

I dont hate them

but I think part of the prob is how fanatically in love some teenage girls are with people like the JB. its ok if you like them as your fav band. but your whole life shouldnt be revolving around stars like JB whom you will probably not even meet in your whole life

Answer #2

I dont like them.I’m trying’ listen to music I like,and I’m not listening to them!!! And please dont give questions about this band!Its sucks!Try another questions!

Answer #3

I’m tired of all hate immature hating all together, if people don’t like someone they should keep it to themselves. The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, they are young and make mistakes just like every other person on this planet but the whole world gets to watch and it’s not fair.

Answer #4

I dont hate them, im just sick of the craze which will most likely be over in a few months, and the amount of people who ask how they cant meet them is extortionate!

Answer #5

amen to you todaly! ;O…because a lot of you just ask the silliest questions..com’on.stop asking question that you know that its not possible..peace

Answer #6

Who eva haten on da Jonas Bros can keep haten cause the Jonas Bros will always be da best

Answer #7

I dislike them because I believe they don’t have any talent in Music. I think they may be good looking and maybe even an above average actors [for disney stars] but I do not see any talent in them. Why do all the Disney stars think they can sing is a question I like to ask, but wont. So when I see people go all out for them I try to introduce them to someone with talent as long as they are above the age of 13 otherwise it’s best not to even try. But in the end all I can do is Introduce real talent, at least real talent in my mind setting. [Notice no where in there did I say I could do better (I dislike when people say, “Well could you do better?” because its unfair that they have rich parents who can afford lessons for them and they can afford people who digitally make their music better. )]

Answer #8

sorry, but they cant play music at alll

Answer #9

not me

Answer #10


Answer #11

im definitlety am… yo dey know dey aint perfect so why bash & hate on them?? it doesnt make no sence

I love the jonas brothers so if yall got a problem that f yall like fo realz

Answer #12

lmao all you haters are just depressing losers :L why do you have to express your hate to others? if we like them then thats up to us really :) and BTW they can sing and have pleanty of talent, they can play multiple instruments aswell as singing- each! and I dont believe they will die down atall, if they do I will continue to listen to them :)

Answer #13

It’s not that I hate them or their fans. I just believe they have no musical talent. I mean seriously they’re supported by disney which probably chose them because they knew they would be the perfect tool to attract teenage girls and get all there money. Also, the questions get very annoying because yall should already know the answer. You are NOT going to beable to meet them. That’s just a fact of life that you’re going to have to deal with. But everyone has different tastes in music, so if you like them I respect that. I just personally don’t like them at all, because like I said before, they have no musical talent.

Answer #14

I don’t like them, and I’m annoyed by the little girls who want to know how they can get backstage to meet them because of their little fantasies that Disney stars like that would actually find something so amazing about them that they would want to sweep her off of her feet. I don’t mind if they’re you’re favorite band, but it’s annoying to keep hearing questions about how you can get backstage or meet them or whatever…most likely not going to happen…

Answer #15

ok, so toadaly, you dont hate the boys you just hate the annoying questions??

Answer #16

I’m not a Jonas hater, I’m a Jonas question hater.

Answer #17

ilovethem :) they are so COOL! I think kevin doesnt get enough attention thats what I hate, but I love them all and frankie to ahaa.

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