Who is going to win super bowl in 2010?

So its down to the saints, cowboys, cardnials, and vikings…who’s gunna win the ring?

Answer #1

Chargers all the way! This is our year I can feel it.

Answer #2

Jets v.s Saints

Answer #3

yea your right I disagree lol I say vikings because of brett farve and the saint defense sucks…I mean they lost to the buccaneers..coming from me (im a buccs fan) thats saying somthing

Answer #4

That’s the big talk at my school, even though I’m not a football fan, I’m going with Saints. I expect people to disagree, I respect that.

Answer #5

yea dude wtf happened to the AFC? they’re still in this too.

Answer #6

what about the AFC teams, chargers, colts, jets and ravens. chargers and colts are very strong. colts hopefully will be in the superbowl for the AFC while hopefully the cardinals will make it from the NFC. with the colts winning the championship in the end. o and by the way the vikings aren’t good saints are questionable. 2 strongest teams in the NFC are the cowboys and cardinals and I hate the cowboys but I have to say it

Answer #7

Honestly, I was going by what I hear at school. Like I said, not a football fan, but I insisted on choosing a team.

Answer #8

lol nu they are a good team but nt good enof for another football superbowl ring

Answer #9

alrite alrite I have 2 go with the saints 2 win for 2 reasons 1.payton mayning is a cocky dusch bag (no offence) 2.I can say the buccs beat the superbowl team and we only had 3 WINS!

Answer #10

um definetly the saints the vikings suck the saints demolished them last week and the saints are gonna beat the colts I no it there is no question that the saints are going to win the SUPER BOWL

Answer #11

saints are going to win the superbowl o question about it

Answer #12

dude with bret farve on a good year & on the vikings there gunna demolish any hope the other teams have at winning…and the ravens lost yesterday so sorry there gone and cotls are gunna get there a** kicked!!!

Answer #13

nu I hate the saints (haha the bucanneers beat them!! GO BUCC’S!)so the viking are gunna kill them sunday and the jets (farves team last year) are gunna go 2 the superbowl as well but in the end farve will pull out one amazing pass in the very beging and get ahead and then there will be a huge blow out and the jets will MABEY score a feild goal (3 points) and theres your XLIV superbowl

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