Who here has a valid argument as to why hip hop sucks?

I can guess that all of you are wrong. Your opinion is wrong because what you think is false. If you think you have an argument, please, make it here.

Answer #1

Do I Need To Tell You Why Hip Hop (And Even Rap For That Matter) Sucks?… No Tell You What… LISTEN TO IT… It’s Pretty Self Explanitory.

Answer #2

pretty much all the music they make is computer generated…no talent whatsoever goes into that…anyone can get a computer and beat making software…The good stuff is classic rock like the Beatles…they actually made real music…not like any of this crap today…all that synthesized stuff…it is like an easy way out…

Answer #3

..What a reject..You people need to have a dictionary at your side at all times, or you need to read everything all the way through.

Answer #4

AUUUGH. NUUUGH. WAHWAHWAHWAH. Not even babies whine so much. I’m glad you care for me though.

Stop being so judgemental…hm, do I sense a bit of hypocrisy? No, I sense a lot. Read what you just said wannabe.

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Answer #6

ilovenickjonas4life, you haven’t made a valid argument. I was referring to you and others that think like you in my first post.

sirpsycho, rap sucks now? There are plenty of great MCs out there. They are not however commonly known because most people don’t want to hear good stuff. They want to hear the same thing over…and over again.

Answer #7

Lol, you’re not answering the question. But I’ll answer yours. Hip Hop sounded like Hip Hop back in the day. And yes, hip hop is very hip and hop. I actually love hip hop, I want to know why others think it sucks. And I agree, no music really sucks. As long as they all have listeners, there’s nothing wrong with them.

Answer #8

atthisvelocity, lol. You don’t know how stupid that sounded. How was it ignorant? Maybe YOU should look up what an opinion is. What you just told me is that if someone said Bush sucks because he didn’t want to go to war, then that’s a valid opinion. It’s not. It’s false.

Also, I was speaking to you too in the first post I made. You’ve made a few artist speak for the whole genre. “Hey I’m an American and I’m a killer..so that must mean that everyone else in America is a killer too!” So yea, if the definition of opinion allows it to have false facts, then ok, but your opinion sucks.

Richard, I don’t care for what makes the noise in the background. I don’t pay attention to it so much as I do the lyrics anyway. But yea, you have a valid argument and I knew someone would eventually talk about mostly everything being computer generated. One might ask why don’t I listen to poetry instead. Well, it does sound boring without something playing in the background, and maybe live instruments would make the genre better overall. Comes down to preference.

Answer #9

The point I was ATTEMPTING to make was that I personally don’t like it, which is nothing you can fault me for. Unless I’m dancing a routine, I don’t need to listen to hip-hop because it does nothing for me personally. I don’t enjoy (MOST of) it, and that’s that. Never did I say it “sucks” as you so eloquently put it on your original question.

And in case you didn’t look it up, an opinion is a personal view, attitude, or appraisal. Calling someone’s opinion “false” like you have twice so far, certainly implies a misunderstanding of the word. You can agree or disagree with an opinion, but you can never call someone’s opinion “false”.

I will admit, you got me when you said I made one artist speak for the whole genre. It’s true, I have, and I shouldn’t have let one mediocre artist represent what is otherwise a perfectly respectable art form. There is good hiphop music, that I don’t doubt. But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s not what I’m into personally.

Answer #10

You didn’t read much of what I said did you? I know what opinions are. Opinions are false if the person is given incorrect info. You can’t possibly call Bush a great president because he didn’t send the army to war. That would be an opinion except for him actually sending them to war. So basically, you can only say Bush is a great president for sending the army to war, or a horrible president for sending them to war.

Answer #11

haha!I like your funny no real answer to the qustion though who gives a f*ck why hip hop sucks if you actually to time to explain why you hate it you need to get a life.

Answer #12

I dont think the whole genre sucks…that would be a narrow minded thing to say but MOST of the rap/hip-hop/r&b stuff that gets real radio play is…just awful…and kids eat it up!

mainstream rock is getting bad too dont get me wrong! (I.e: Daughtry, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Hinder, etc.)

anyway as far as rap/hip hop goes… you have to look for the underground stuff that is unless you want to hear the same songs over and over again…

btw, ‘allthisvelocity’ had great answers :) sums it up completely!

Answer #13

“Your opinion is wrong because what you think is false” is probably the most ignorant statement I’ve heard today. Maybe if you looked up the definition of opinion, you wouldn’t say such stupid things.

And back to the question, I don’t have anything against any specific genres; without any one genre, the others that follow would not be the same. True, I don’t listen to hip-hop, at least today’s hip-hop, because I really don’t care for what it talks about.

Btches and hs, drugs and clubs, I don’t really care. It’s not my scene. And I’m sorry if I don’t want to waste my time listening to meaningless lyrics like “My Lipgloss is Poppin’”

Honestly, who the hell writes this and thinks it’s good?!

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Answer #16

well its full of want to be Gs and gangsta, posers… what kind of message are they puting out for children?

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