Who hates..

Miley cyrus!?!?

Cause I do!!

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Answer #2

Theres no use hating someone that you dont accually know… sure she takes dirty pictures, but so does millions of other girls in the world. it is stupid to do that, but shes just a teenage girl exploring what she can do. I dont nessisarily like her behavier, but I do really like most of her music, and she’s really really pretty

Answer #3

omg she’s horrible, I absolutely HATE her…her music kills me and she’s a terrible actress..god there’s like so many people in the world, why did they have to pic HER!!

Answer #4

I didnt say I disliked her as a person because I dont I just disagree with the whole manufactured popstar as so many american women are!

Answer #5

lol emoprincess yeah all you people who are saying this question is pointless, then why are YOU wasting your time answering it??? LOL

Answer #6

Why bother hating someone who doesn’t even know you exist?

Just disregard her and live your own life - everybody knows SHE already is.

Answer #7

Wow Guys we all know we dont like her! But posting these quesions is just a waste of time. How old are we again?Shes living her life now lets live ours if you dont like her just keep her out of your life & stop spending your time on this idiotic question.

Answer #8

Really? Oh I really like her :) x

Answer #9

shes annoying

Answer #10

ha, I just want to know people’s opinion on the “children’s role models” cause she has posted nude in many pictures && I know a lot of them are photoshopped && a lot of them aren’t && my niece is 3 months old && I know miley will still be popular when she is like 2 && I do NOT want miley cyrus having any kind of effect on my niece.

miley cant sing, she’s very arrogant && snobby she has let the fame get WAYY up in her head she’s only famous because of her daddy, && I dont want my niece to like her, && I dont like her, so just wanted to know other people’s opinion && I agree with -waffleha- if you think its pointless, why are you answering it??

Answer #11

guys really…she is REALLY just a KID! I cant say I really dislike HER, that would be wrong because I don’t know her personally. But what I DON’T like is that the fame is getting to her head. I don’t think she views herself as another kid among kids, but as a superstar, like she is superior. It’s just not healthy to let a kid get that way…she needs discipline, like any other kid!

I knew I shouldn’t have answered this…I hate the conflict involved with this topic. I normaly avoid this subject…but thats my opinion and its not going to change!

Answer #12

She’s a person with strengths and weaknesses just like you or I.

Answer #13

I cant stand her. her music kills me. her actin is horrible. she needs to choose who she is.

Answer #14

me!!! I hate that b*tch!!! her singing sukx!!!

Answer #15

I DO! I hate her! She’s f*cking annoying! She has no true talent of ANY kind. She sucks at singing AND acting. She needs to just give it up.

Answer #16

Eh. She doesn’t annoy me. Just wish her stupid face wasn’t plastered on every bit of merchandise when I go shopping somewhere. She’s EVERYWHERE. But some of her music is okay-ish.

…must suck to be her if she read all these.

Answer #17

I like her. I don’t care if other people hate her, cus everyone can have their own opinion, but don’t post stupid questions like this.

Answer #18

sigh I don’t truly “hate” any one. But Miley Cyrus… is the closest I have come to it… I dont feel that she appreciates her fans, and she quite honestly doesn’t have much talent. She’s really just a kid and she should just be a kid, not a celebrity!

Answer #19

I just think shes a disgusting role model for young kids her lyrics are stupid and provocative and shes a little spoilt brat wanting to move out of home at 16, have access to her fortune because she “wants to spend it” wants to have parties with her friends and spend more time with her 20 year old boybreind shes just another little teenage skank in my opinion I dont spend time hating her, because I dont waste time on crap like that but if the question comes up ill gladly state WHY I think shes disgusting not to mention the way shes been dressing for so long if kids arnt smart, attention just turns them into attention wh*res

Answer #20

I agree with a7x4evr , but I also agree with pwincess_irenemarie. I dislike her music and her personality, but this is really pointless.

Answer #21

I dont hate her but her music can sometimes be annoying!

Answer #22

Everyones getting so serius, god lighten up people! Period of what! haha I dont paticularly dislike her, her songs are quite good but shes just another one of those stars that comes of a conveyor belt- there manufacterd pop stars- made to be look a certain way, act a certain way, they aren’t themselves they’re just like evryone else. Another perfect example is britney spears- do not even get me started!!!

Answer #23

her music makes me want to rip my head off!!!

Answer #24

Want me to tell you guys why I LIKE her?

  1. She’s only 16 years old, and she’s already so famous. She has this awesome tvshow, she hosts a lot of shows, she has 2 CD’s.. eventhough there ARE a lot of haters, it doesn’t affect her that much (or at least she doesn’t show it). I think only a strong girl could survive in the Hollywoodbizznizz.

  2. I actually do like her voice. I may agree that it’s not the greatest voice ever, but she does have a good singing voice. I’ve heard her sing live and it’s good.

  3. She’s is not snobby or arrogant. I’ve never seen her act like a diva. She’s pretty down to earth.

  4. She ALWAYS makes time for her fans. I would get crazyyy if I were her, she probably gets recognized everywhere. But I’ve never heard a fan complain that she was b*tchy towards them.

  5. I think Hannah Montana is hecka funny xD

Sure, she did make those nude pics. That was wrong! Wayy wrong. But cmon, every girl makes mistakes! I know that I have this embarassing picture of me making out with my boyfriend! (Mkk,, lots of them) But that doesn’t mean I’m a slut. Anyway. those are the reasons why I DO like her. Everyone can have their own opinion.

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