Who has cheats for all girl arcade?

Okay on all girl arcade they have these stupid new “star coins” ans you have to pay real money to get them! My mom won’t buy me them because she said it’s a waist of her hard earned cash well to be truthful it is. So who has some cheats?

Answer #1

Thankyou sooo much pnkprincess12356house!!!

Answer #2

can you put more cheats up please!:))

Answer #3

I want some cheats for star coins for the mall.

Answer #4

I dont have a cheat.:)

Answer #5


Answer #6

well I have some one is go to jessy’s dress up and then click on ok and then all you have to do is go back to all games and it automatically gives you 25 gems and of course you all no the mix and style one and you have to do the jessys dress up game once a day but these are all the cheats I really no and thanks for listening

Answer #7

ok I have a bunch of them

CHEAT 1:how to get easy gems: Mix and style: Press Sumbit, yes, and so on dont even dress the girls up just go next next next and sumbit.

CHEAt 2: how to do the moon walk : anywhere: click to a far away area in the place your in then before you get to the place press change outfit, dont really cahnge it, and press wear outift, if you do it quickly , you should be doing the famous “moon walk”.

CHEAT 3 : how to have a headless body for halloween : YOur room: Ok you can do this for any object really…go on a bed, press the check mark to change your room , then move away the bed, and you should have a bodyless head, then place anything under the head for example a chair. computer table, dining tabel, or even just move the bed a lil over so your friend can sleep next to you!!

I have more but dont got enough time to write them

hope I helped you :)                          NAME NOT SHOWN (haha)
Answer #8

hey can u plz tell me how to get free star coins to??? i want some real bad!!!!

Answer #9

i wanna no some cheats for that too :(((

Answer #10

me to :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

Answer #11

yea they wont tell

Answer #12

can pnkprincess give me the all girl arcade star coins cheat plz my mom said i cant have any because they ar eto much

Answer #13

hi do you know a cheat for all girl acade i really want one or star coins cheat i really want some but my mom wount let me plz plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer #14

i now some free realms cheats like if you want me to tell you them

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