Who has an IQ of 141?


Answer #1

I have an IQ of 140

Answer #2

It is always a different I.Q. each time I take the test. The first time it was 115, 2nd it was 125, 131, 145,156, 183, 138, 110, 111, 138, 136, 141, 142, 11 I was trying to get a low score. 140,141, 139, 141, 138 and 140 again.

Answer #3

162!!! I love it, I was never the guy to act “smart” or “intelligent” I actually goof off a lot and enjoy life to the fullest, My brains are there for me when I need them and I teach them whenever I can. Luckly being able to hide it using slang and not proper grammar growing up I was “expected” to become great :). But all in good time I know I will be something out of this world, being so high I try and keep thoughts that require thinking to myself and myself only, just to better surprise the world when I arrive… lol… But yes 141 is very impressive! domintation right there when brains are needed… Have fun with your unique thinking abilities! Ciao!

Answer #4

Sue90: It wasn’t aggressive. It was the type of yelling that naturally occurs in the restaurant business. You’re right about the thought organization. However, at the same time, I my mind was thinking about too many things that were also not related to my job. I am now in a different position that is better suited to my skills, but I remember. In the military I had problems as well because I would constantly over think everything, which resulted in my standing at attention for about 2 hours by myself. And I was right.

Answer #5

Next time you sneeze “ Bless you” and remember to have fun with that Hi Level thinker. . . It’s ok not to get a prize of any type. . . actually the greatest thing you can probably learn to do which may not make you the riches but can be of the greatest influence is learn to teach other mind by way of the Heart, I bet you have a great future head of you Especially if you have good sense of humor. . . Oh Bless you again. . . .Now take care of that flu.

Answer #6

rnealw, do you want the Standford Binet scale or the Cattel scale? in the Standford Binet, my IQ is 185…but in the Cattel scale it is only 168…they Standford Binet scores according to things learned and not as accutely to the application of this knowledge…

Answer #7

Dear crasharockencherro,

Only 1% or less have an IQ in that range, Half of the population have IQ’s of between 90 and 110, while 25% have higher IQ’s and 25% have lower IQ’s. Perhaps you were meaning 114, which is in the normal range.

Sue…good luck

Answer #8

it’s ok…I’m trying to type in between sneezes…I’m caught a touch of the flu…and it sucks to be in the top 1%…just so you know…everyone is expecting me to either make the pulitzer or nobel prize before i turn 21…and I’m only 18…that’s alot of pressure…plus my parents are dictatorian style parents who completely run my life…yes I’ve tried becoming devoid of them by legal means, but the courts think they know better than I do so I remain in their household…but as to crackarockencherro…an IQ of 141 is impressive…mensa level for sure…I think the last time I checked, it was 132 to get in…but I’m not 100% positive…

Answer #9

If someone thinks he is superior just because of his IQ then hes def wrong.

The IQ test is not testing all aspects of intelligence,and often is strongly focused on logics thus people who are good at science and maths are more likely to get a good IQ then people who are good with languages since those skills are not asked in IQ tests.

I know people with an IQ of 150 who failed at school while still learning more than me aswell as paying more attention to lessons so in conclusion I don’t think that an IQ test says very much.

In my opinion people who brag about their IQ are just people with minority complex who are afraid of beeing called dumb.Yes I have done IQ tests and got into that “far superior” category but I won’t think of myself as superior just because a statistic says that.I rather use my brain for judging these things but looking at my environment,a simple number means nothing to me.

Answer #10

Well I havent taken an iQ test yet, but my dad, his iQ is about 171 is that good?

Answer #11

I have an I.Q of 141 aswell and I’m only 16… is that good?

Answer #12

Speaking or typing with overlong sentences is a sign of insecurity in one’s own intelligence. Posting long messages correcting other people’s grammar is just annoying. 163 here. It hasn’t always been a blessing. I never really understood why people care so much about intelligence levels. It’s what you do with the intelligence you have that matters.

Answer #13

I hate my IQ, it’s only 120. But I have a friend who’s IQ is 150. I would love to be a genius.

Answer #14

Lets not forget the EQ that is much more important than an IQ. Sue

Answer #15

I have an IQ of 126. im superior.

Answer #16

I have an IQ of exactly 141, just got my test results last week. I asked my professor if I should join a high IQ society, but he said nothing was to be gained, so I figure I probably wont. But it is (with a SD of 16) in the top 99.7%. So congratulations are in order for you. Nice work. Also for everyone who asks about an IQ score related to age, if you take one, the test, if it is accurate, will take into account your age, so if youre 16, it will adjust it as if you were an adult, same if youre 13, so if you are 13 and have a 130 or w/e, it will, all things being equal, still be a 130 when you are an adult. Being a genius or near genius is a gift, make good use of it. Enjoy being smart, but keep yourself grounded.

Answer #17


just kidding I got 138

Answer #18
  1. That’s my exact score. Well, it was anyway. I’ve also gotton 110, and 126. Though, I got 141 when I was in school and using my brain the way it was meant to be used, so that’s the one I’m going with, lol. So obviously iq test scores, especialy those taken online, are not reliable. And on a side note, I can absolutely relate to the poster who says their mind moves ahead much too quickly. Done that all my life, and unless you’ve lived with that, then you really can’t say anything against it. It’s not always a burden, but definately makes things tough sometimes. And makes you look kinda stupid lol.
Answer #19

By the Standford Binet scale my IQ is 182 and by the Cattell my IQ is 178. The sad thing is that I might not even graduate highschool. People expect a lot from you when you’re extremely intelligent. I might not get a diploma let alone a Nobel prize. There is a lot of pressure from a lot people and it sucks. Being a ‘genius’ is a lonely life. I think people might be better off not knowing their IQ. It might make things less complicated.

Answer #20

Dear papistgiant, What you describe is not a symptom of being too smart…it’s a lack of being able to organize ones thoughts. This can happen with every range of IQ. Yelling at people actually shows and intolerance and is no way related to IQ. If you feel your bad behaviours is due to your IQ score then perhaps a visit to a counsellor would be a good step in learning how to deal with your dilemma… Sue…good luck

Answer #21

Well i took one on tickle.com and i got a 106, i’m proud of myself.

Answer #22

I have an IQ of 141. I don’t feel any different about it, however.

Answer #23

I have an IQ of 141.. Just took the test last night. I’m only 14, is that good?

Answer #24

I have an IQ of 120 is that good and im 13

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Answer #26

161 - it’s actually not that much fun- haven’t tried for mensa yet, maybe I should. Being intelligent is actually really hard sometimes because it is difficult to relate to, well… everyone else. There are even certain jobs that don’t fit in with smart people at all. I tried being a waiter, and that was one of the worst jobs I could ever do, I am friendly and good with people, but my mind moved so fast that I would often forget to ring in orders, not because I forgot the orders, but because I was already on to the next step, tricking myself into thinking that I had already done what I hadn’t done, and then yelling at the kitchen staff for not preparing the food or taking too long. I was actually too smart for my own good in that job- and others.

Answer #27

I got 124 I think, I was da*m proud of that too. haha. I don’t see why I’m getting such bad grades though.

Answer #28

When I was in the 9th grade they gave our class an I.Q. test but didn’t tell us what it was until after we got the results. The highest score in my class was a girl who scored 130 and the 2nd highest was a boy with 125. I only scored 120 but I don’t know how any of my other classmates scored. When I went in the Navy they gave us four aptitude tests, one was a general I.Q (not the same as the Stanford-Binet Scale), and I scored 62 out of a possible 77 or 80.5% but that plus a 60 on math qualified me for entrance to any Naval School. After college I took an I.Q test and scored 140 but that only showed me one thing. Many of the questions were based on things learned and I wouldn’t have scored that high if I had taken the same test before going to college. Below are the percentages for I.Q. scores on the Stanford-Binet Scale:

Descriptive Classifications of Intelligence Quotients

IQ Description % of Population

130+ Very superior 2.2%

120-129 Superior 6.7%

110-119 High average 16.1%

90-109 Average 50%

80-89 Low average 16.1%

70-79 Borderline 6.7%

Below 70 Extremely low 2.2%

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