Who can help me about school?

Okay I am a lesbian and I get bullied a lot and I get thrown in trash like in the movies. I get beat up, and made fun of. And I go to the teachers and they punish them but when they come back I get worse, I like to keep to myself and at lunch they all come around my table and say mean things. What should I do?

Answer #1

It’s very hard to just ignore someone being so hateful. The next time someone says or does something mean to you, surprise them. Smile at them and say “Your funny or your cute,” and walk away. This will show them that you aren’t hurt by them and that you are proud with who you are. Are there any other lesbians or bi girls in your school? If so, try to get close to them. As in become their friends and if you’d like girlfriend. Once you stop sitting alone in the back and come out of your shell no one will bother you and you’ll gain more confidence. Trust me, it’s hard not to be shy and run away from everyone but it’s worth it. Talk with somf of the people that don’t make fun of you or that get made fun of too. Or someone lesbian or bi. You’ll have a conversation starter! After you gain some new friends sit with them at lunch. Hang out with them. Have sleepovers. Call each other. Grow close bonds and you’ll have a group to protect you and the bullies will realize your happy and go away. Maybe even join after school clubs or participate in extra things at school or sports or art or dance or whatever you want. Just break out of that shell and be who you really are. The whole world is right at your finger tips. You just don’t realize you have power over it.

Answer #2

please post a follow up so we know that you doing something, don’t leave this to fade away, cause it won’t just remember that this kind of childrens don’t care about you and you should not either, for every action there is a reaction, so for every criminal action there has to be consequences, you know a few parents take this like a child’s play and don’t see the things from a different perspective. I do have another idea, that is if you parents knows what is happening and the reason they are doing this, I know they have parent’s meeting I guess every month, your dad or mom can fill up a formal complaint sheet from the police department and you should point everyone that is been attacking you and show it on one of those meeting to the parents at school. Fill a restraining order from the list of kids that attacked you.

Answer #3


What I think you should do is file a police complaint. If they are putting their hands on you and hitting you than you have a right to charge them for assault. If it gets so bad that they have to attack to prove their point than that is just terrible. Im also being bullied so I kinda know how you feel.

Hope It Helped :)

Answer #4

Better yourself. Kids are really harsh so dont give them anything to tease you about. put on sme cute outfit and makeup and run or ride a bike every day. then you will have the bullies eating out of the palm of your hand.

Answer #5

Stand up for yourself girl!! Dont let no one put you down they call you names be tough and say something back or laugh about it. bullies are sh*t!! dont let them put you down makes me sad these things go on’ so all I can say is live not caring what they say if you learn to live with it life will be beautiful. but dont ignore it cause it bottles up talk about it make fun of it talk to them and tell them how ignorant disgusting people they are! HOPE I HELPED :)

Answer #6

learn to laugh at yourself so that you will be able to laugh at the rude people who are picking on you. I dont know what school you go to but I have never heard of anyone actually getting thrown in the trash like in the movies. if you can think of a clever remark like based on your sexuality and say it in response to one of their remarks then laugh it off it should send them the other way. laughing at yourself will let them know you dont care what they think because your so comfortable being you and making the joke about your sexuality will more than likely make them uncomfortable. make jokes, let them know you dont care what they think, and never walk away from a confrontation and they should leave you alone in no time…you might even earn some of their respect

Answer #7

First, you should not take any damn crap from no one, report this to the school district if possible, life as a teen is difficult at times, come on!!! we had been down that road, you know I was talking about this issued early this morning, my nephew is going to high school very soon, I don’t want him to be threat it the wrong way, so my advice is “””Knowledge”””is power!!! that’s right!! right now bullying is very serious, hey! check this site maybe you will get some answers www.stopbullyingnow.hrsa.gov/ and just remember you are not alone!!!

Answer #8

Well I would say to just walk away or ignore and it is hard, its hard to ignore the things being said and the hits sometimes. I think that Tell your mom and you might consider changing school, you know, or it’s alost the end of the year so I think wait a little, if you want to and think that you can get trough it, and not go there for the next year, or switch schools now. Your not safe and it looks like you wont be safe so I think is the best thing. But Does your mom know your lesbian? If not then is going to be hard.. The school councelor can meaby help you out or something like that so meaby she can give you options too. Good luck! =) And know that theres nothing qrong with you.

Answer #9

I really hate bullies! If I was there I would actually make them eat trash. Look I tell you this from experience, all my friend’s where bullies and still are, you can;t avoid them, and at the other hand you don’t want to be them. Try doing something nice, without any of them bullying you to do it. That would freak them out, I guess! That would freak me out :D. Not that I am bully or something, but back in school I was the Hero :P! If that doesnt help, then … then … mmm… your in deep shit, cause they’ll make bother you more. Try getting even, in a way that they would be the ones needing help. OR. .Or, you could just ignore them.. The bullying wont last long.P.S. stubbing one of them, is NOT an option.

Answer #10

Get up walk away dont even let them know you care trust me I know it hurts but thats what they wanna see they get joy out of it and knowing that your fine wiuth your self and how you are kills them cause there not. I bet you a few of them are ither bi and or gay. But you know they will never say it Just keep your head up it will get worse but then it will get better if you ever need to talk just funmail me

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