going to go to Helen Bernstein High School in Los Angeles?

is going to go to Helen Bernstein High School in Los Angeles[Hollywood]

Answer #1

Not me.

Answer #2

I am.

Answer #3

im going…im im ame

Answer #4

Armand BTLR and AME would not be the best choices if you are looking to do something with your future.(Oh Yeah, Amber here!)

If you are looking for a challenge and great new friends. I recommend STEM. Best choice I ever made. We have the highest GPA out of the school and best attendance records.

The teachers are really there to help you and 87% of STEM students are straight A or B Students and we aren’t all complete nerds.Well, to a certain extent.=]

Answer #5

im not sure what your asking but if your asking if its worth going there I can tell you some good and bad things about it becuase I am currently attending also

Dresscode- The dress code is not actually that crazily dictated. you can wear anything that resembles a collared shirt and black pants even dark jeans.

Lunches- the lunches are exsactly the same like it is in any other school except you can eat almost anywhere you want on campus that is not blocked off and you can have your meal bought on carts that are scattered which means no line longer than the estimate of 5 people

The schools inside- these schools inside the schools like BTLR-AME-APEX-STEM are all the SAME. the only difference is that BTLR and APEX have lunch togethor while AME and STEM are in a 30 minute class about college.and Vise versa so it equals out.but BTLR is better

Sports- let me just say that the sports… THEY SUCK .I am in the swimming team and guess what? At the beginning of the last school year there was an earthquake and it made a hole in the pipes causeing the pool to leak. and since the pool is literally almost on the highway they say without re enforcing it, one slite earthquake and we will be sliding into the traffic and so far no progress to fix the problem. for the mean time we go to hollywood high to swim and practice. the football team has not even scored a single goal in the whole season. but I think our basketball team is doing moderate. there is a soccor team and they are pretty serous too. but overall we arent that good in sports but we get out for almost half of the whole day school day to go and compete. Who doesnt like to drop everything there doing in Biology and be summoned out of school to go swimming for the rest of the day?

Vacations- we all no when we are on vacation 2 long we want to go back to school and when we are in school a long time we want to be on vacation. our school year is a perfect balance of that. our school is on the traditional track. the vacations are no where to compare to the 2 months off as other schools but its a lot better becuase one week your doing the same old thing and the next week without any notice BAM JEWISH HOLIDAY!!! and of course when you graduate you do get a long vacation.

Teachers- The teachers are the greatist. they arent teachers, they are just like us. its like being with a friend 10 20 30 years older than you that understands you that you call MR. or MS. too. they grade easily and dont expect a lot as long as the worked they assigned turned to you wasnt a cheap attempt in the morning to complete it and get credit for it. durring peroids they are serous but when it comes to break times they just lay back talk on their cell phones and gossip with the kids about other teachers. its better than my novelas and soap operas I can tell you that :P. Overall they explain a little and we learn a lot somehow. so far I havent gotten anything lower than a c+ and I barely understand math so that has to be saying something about their work.

that is all I can say about helen bernstein. it has its benefits like the lunches and the teachers but also have their negative things like sports and the long 5 floor stairs without an elevater but I can tell you now, I would rather be there than in hollywood or marshal becuase they have old school amenities dated 20 years ago while we have all new tables, books, and rustless lunch area

if you are going to helen bernstein feel free to look me up. my name is Armand Avanian, I go by the name Phillip and I am going to be a 10th grader durring the school year 2009-2010 and I am in BTLR. I will be more than happy to help you out wether its about the school itself or the work. see you guys there. BTLR ROCKS

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