Which would you prefer alcohol or weed?

Alcohol or weed?

Answer #1

okay… I am so surprised most people said alcohol… I smoke a splif here and there… pick up a ten smoke a joint with my mates smoke a joint before I go to bed to help me sleep because I have some thing that makes it difficult for me to sleep. my doctor once sugested marijuana to help my sleeping problem and he even said that it will not harm you it will only make things better. just try not to be stupid about it and smoke weed because you think your aard! just smoke weed because its relaxing and gives you a good time and makes you happy :) but by all means this is my oppinion lol some people HATE weed and find it discusting ect ect… but I love the taste and the high so what ever really I just hate it when people put cannabis down because it really is not bad for you… (apart from the tar) but no one has ever died from the consumption of marijuana in the 5000 years of use… pluss about 10 million americans use marijuana regually . america cant even afford this many prissons!!! pluss there is no acctuall proof that THC is harmfull to the lungs :) anyway nice to see all your oppinions… but I am the proof that weed is fine… 5 years and counting and I am on £45000 a year so ye… have a nice day im gana spark this fat joint :P

Answer #2

I prefer weed, and I don’t drink anymore because of it. Alcohol takes a while for its effects…weed hits you immediately. Alcohol gives you hangovers…weed does not. Alcohol (in beer) can make you fat…weed does not. Alcohol can make you angry and out of control…weed makes you quiet and peaceful. I’ll take a spleef over a shot any day.

Answer #3

I am gonna go with drinkin over smokin. because weed makes me choke and it tastes bad.

Answer #4

thanks for all the answers, feel free to keep them comin. but I wanna state an argument. I’m shocked that everyone picked alcohol. first off, alcohol can cause damage to your body much quicker than weed. also it can poison you which weed can’t. I’ve heard of people dying from drinkin a bottle of vodka but I never heard of nobody dyin from a blunt. alcohol is addictive, really addictive causing withdraw, weed is only addictive if you pretend to be addicted. nobody ruins their life from weed, but they do with alcohol. the only way weed can make you a bad person is if your already a bad person to begin with. there’s also a saying that obviously none of you have heard, it’s “if a man comes home with a beer in his hand, he’s gonna beat his wife. if a man comes home with a blunt in his hand he is gonna love his wife.” at least when your high you can control yourself as you could when your sober. but when your drunk you are off balance and able to be taken advantage of. also marijuana has positive health side effects, and also helps certain sicknesses, as to where alcohol would not help your body in any way. and just so you all know I no longer drink or smoke pot. I just wanted to state my opinion for my own question.

Answer #5


I read the first of this and I am surprised…(maybe I shouldnt be) of how many are brainwashed into thinking that alcohol is either better than weed, or to say that one is “stupid” if they smoke weed…I guess thats saying Bob Marley or even The Beatles were idiots!!! Get educated about Marijuana, then talk!!! I’ve done too much reaserch on “marijuana” and to hear abunch of cts to say its bad…im sorry…if you even so much as gotten drunk, your a fking hypocrite. Now “SMOKING” any form of anything is bad…ok… the weed itself is a different story. VAPORIZORS PEOPLE!!! And with everything else that society likes to kill thems selves with (cigarettes) I dont see how anyone who even smokes cigarettes can make that claim that weed is bad…thats like the KKK saying “Rasisim is Bad”…R you retarded…Now if you prefer alcohol over weed, ok…personal choice, but to put weed down or diss it without knowing the facts, YOU HAVE BEEN BRAINWASHED…so get a new brain!!!

Answer #6

WEED if in a browny lol if not Alcohol

Answer #7

Alcohol; too a certain extent..

Lol. Weed would be bad for my lungs, and I need my lungs. Hahaha.

Answer #8

I agree I say pot… its better for you and it makes you feel better then alcohol, you never loose yourself in it. yea before it was banned cancer patients used to take it to make them feel better.. it was subscribed by there doctors. LOL so if a doctor thinks pot is good then it cant be that bad even though they say it kills your brain cells. Alcohol is worse people, makes you mean and crazy.. pot makes you nice and love everyone : ) lol im not a pot head by the way…

Answer #9

booze!! only because thats the only thing I’ve had and because it gives me a nice feeling in my stomach afterwards :), I’ve smoked normal cigarettes before but that was a year ago and they wer disguisting.

Answer #10

One can get hooked on either the first time - a bad road in life from which they mey never recover, proving very costly in many ways - best not to start either.

Answer #11

You mean for the effects ya?!”

Alcohol definitely! I’ve tried both but but at least alcohol isn’t really addictive, hasn’t really got the same side-effects as weed etc. and you can go on bad trips from drugs. Everyone feels good when drunk!!:)

Answer #12

both of them are extremley unhealthy I have never tried them and I will never and I hope all of you dont .

Answer #13

Cannabis of course! :)

Answer #14

eeew neither but if I had 2 choose I wud pick alchol. what a dumb question lolz

Answer #15

okay sorry dont mean to preach BUT dont do weed horrible things have happened to my friends who have started smokin weed.

Answer #16

none … don’t find no amusement and embarrasing myself and looking like a dumba** …

Answer #17

alcohol!!! am not an idiot to smoke weed but I aint gonna get drunk either!!!

Answer #18


Answer #19

Neither I don’t wish to get taken advantage of when I am drunk and I am not looking to ruin my life.

Answer #20

Woah, Im shocked how dumb a lot of people asnwering these questions are.

“Alcohol because it’s less addictive” - Not at all, Neither are addictive - It doesn’t have to be addictive for you to get addicted to it.. Look at gambling.

“hasn’t really got the same side-effects as weed etc. and you can go on bad trips from drugs” - This person has clearly never tried weed.

“Weed would be bad for my lungs, and I need my lungs.” - But you don’t need your liver, Right? Douche.

Smoking Pot, Will NOT turn you into a boring, lazy, loser.. Or make you dumb.. If you are dumb, boring, lazy then the chances are you were like that before ever smoking weed.

Alcoholics are a lot worse than potheads, And more common.

It’s called moderation guys, you apply it to every aspect of your life, your recreation should be no different. For the people that blindly repeated the government propaganda on weed such as ‘it causes psychological issues’ - Shut up. It doesn’t and you are a gullable sheep. The only way it would if you already had underlined health conditions, So instead of just listening to the TV come to some of your own conclusions.

Answer #21

okay one you have to be RESPONSIBLE when you drink like dont go over board and drink a bottle(by the way alcohol is way betta than weed) weed is the BIGGEST GATE WAY DRUG I saw my friend from two years ago from middle school that started off with weed because of his bros now were both freshmen and the idot does heroine now alcohol is cool and all for teens who like to party but I only suggest weed when your grown up because your brain is developed when it is DEVELOPING it is terrible to weed you wont care about school your grades will go straight down trust me weed actually does make you retarded im all the proof for alcohol I drink every weekend and still have a solid 4.8 GPA plus what tha hell do you think college students do LIKE CRAZY

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