Which sidekick ???

Ok so im 14 years old & I dont know what sidekick I want for christmas ihave a sidekick id . But its between a sidekick lx , sidekick 08, or the sidekick slide . Which one do you think is better please help thanks =] and im a girl

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im 14 tooo and I have the 08 .

and my cousin has the lx .

if you like to change the skins on your sidekick I would get the 08

the lx is superr hugee compared to the 08

but they bothh coool

snd trust meeh you will be happier with the newest one which is 08 !

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14 and you got a sidkick? luuucky, im 17 and I have a cord phone attached to the wall...no voicemail or caller id hahah enjoy the sidekick!

ANSWER #3 of 6

I Have The 2008
&& I LOVE It

Its Been Proven To Be The BEST Sidekick :D

ANSWER #4 of 6

have robin. he's cool.

ANSWER #5 of 6

Sidekick 2008

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heyy! 14 as well with a sidekick 08. I got it for christmas and im probably a little late but the sidekick 08 is so much better then the slide and the lx. meh and my friends all compared orus. and mine was the best. so I hope you got the 08 one. im a boy btw lol

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