Which motor oil to use?

We recently bought a ‘97 dodge intrepid for our daughter. Which viscosity grade oil should we use? The engine is a 3.3l v6.

Answer #1

My husband works on cars and he says that if you have a car with a lot of miles on it or it is a older model to use 20w 50. It is a little thicker and the oil won’t break down as fast. I hope this helps.

Answer #2

my chevy S10 has a 4.3L v6 and I run 5w-30 in it all year round it is what the manufacturer recommends, all of the advice above me is good as well- but I would opt for the 5w-30. if you have a manual available it will usually tell you what weight of oil to use- sometimes it is stamped on the oil filler cap. you could go online and see what dodge recommends also , which is what I would do just to be sure.

Answer #3

Yeah adding to chippo’s advice, I notice your in Tenessee so even a 15w40 or 50 because of the higher temperatures it wont burn as fast and last longer… The first number is how heavy (thick) the oil is and the second is how much heat it can handle before burning off, typically being more south its warmer all year round so the second number should be higher. The first number should be lower unless the engine has a leak or burns it then try 15w maybe even 20w depending on how bad it is.

Answer #4

where do you live? how many miles are on your intrepid? as a general rule, plain old 10w30 works just fine. if you live in alaska or something, you want a thinner weight, like a 5w. the opposite of this works well if your car burns a little oil, as this will slow it’s leaking. (go with a 20w) synthetic oils are better and last longer, but cost more. synthetic blends work well also, and aren’t as pricey as a full synthetic oil. chances are plain old 10w30 is fine for your car though. -sorry to disappoint, starzz, not everyone on this website is dumb.

Answer #5

do you really exept anyone to know? dont take this the wrong way im just saying its a very complicated question

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