Which is better Xbox 360 or Wii?

Which is better Xbox 360 or Wii?

Answer #1

I say the F@$kin 360. I’m so sorry about that, anyway 360 be cause you can get more serious with it. the Wii is for little children who like to make little cartoons called Mii’s look like elvis and the 360 has better online gaming by FAR

Answer #2
X-Box-3->6->0 Its The Buyers Choice
_ And The Wii Will Probably Be cool every buys it!!!

| PS3 To Would be COOL!!! | _|

Answer #3

Wii is better for kids like 6 or 5.

Xbox 360 is better for 13 or 15.

I recommend that xbox is best, but wii is good also.

Answer #4

For serious gamers, the Xbox 360 would be the best console. For kids & those who are more interested in cartoony kind of games, the nintendo wii would be the way to go.

Answer #5

Don’t do crack do 360

Answer #6

the wii gives you exercise all over your body so when you play the xbox 360 it wont do nothing the wii is better.

Answer #7


Answer #8

XBOX 360 is way better than wii from GameWorldMaster!!

Answer #9

wii is a good game but it cant match xbox360… wii its just physically good… xbox360 a better choice better graphics and have 60 gb inbuilt buy now available in stores for rs 17000

Answer #10

The wii is a fun game with hands on controls it was all about sitting on your huge butt and use a controler now the wii Took video game expeirence to a new level Playing war games is like aiming a real gun the X box 360 you sit there with a controller GET UP FATTYS WII RULES SOO MUCH MORE! plus the x box 360 breaks easily I had one 2 years BAM gone! Wii is better

Answer #11

depends on agee

Answer #12

I saw a wii

Answer #13


Answer #14

what you need is a ps3

Answer #15

Neither is ‘better’, it just depends on what kind of games you want to play and how much money you want to spend. If your a ‘serious gamer’ like thedude said then you wouldn’t be playing games on a console. Consoles aren’t for serious gamers, that’s what PCs are for.

Answer #16

the xbox 360 is better and the wii is not very active all you do is stand and move your arms wow!!! I have even sat down and played the wii! the xbox 360 is the way 2 go!

Answer #17

#60 the 360 is ok, but breaks down to much! And ps3 in my opinion needs some more solid titles. Nintendo Rev. (wii) is boss. If you think its JUST a console for kiddies and excessive, then your no gamer. I got me some classic Zelda and Mario bustin some moves on Brawl plus! Twilight princess is awesome. And mario galaxy is the game! If I want some games with some live gun action, I go to da 360, but If I want that classic old school feeling (with a side of the 21 century) Then its NINTENDO REVOLUTION TIME!! (I mean, what other systems allows you to SWING when you play a baseball game!? Not 360! not ps3!)

-No Wii Fanboy, No 360 Fanboy, No PS3 Fanboy, just an average hardcore gamer. Peace.

Answer #18

Okay here’s the deal. If you are going for an all around better “gaming” console go PS3. BUT for an all around better “console” go Wii. The 360 is a POS. Anything the 360 can do the PS3 can do better and then some. In MY opinion the Wii is better than both the 360 and the PS3 as a console. The 360 has no Internet browser. It doesn’t even have enough USB ports to support 4 controllers. IF you don’t have wireless controllers. It doesn’t come with wi-fi. Xbox Live is not free. Basically everything needs to be bought separately. All that the 360 lacks the PS3 comes with. The amount of good games on the 360 are even to the amount of good games on the PS3. If not the PS3 has more. The PS3’s graphics look more realistic than the 360’s graphics. Granted the PS3 doesn’t have backwards compatibility but it probably will soon enough. But now to the Wii. When it comes to an interactive experience and an innovative system the Wii wins. When people say the Wii is only for kids they are dead wrong. The Wii has PLENTY of games not intended for children. The Wii is FUN. I think that’s one of the most important qualities a system can have. The Wii is backwards compatible with every Gamecube game. It’s online feature is amazing. The downloadable content doesn’t lack much either. The graphics can’t compete but what it lacks in graphics it makes up for in interactivity. So to answer your question the Wii is FAR better than the 360 as a console. Unless your going to play Gears or Halo I wouldn’t even consider the 360. Go Wii or PS3.

Answer #19

wii is way better because it has better graphics better games better everything it even has wii live and internet.

Answer #20

brawl =[

I say go 360 its amazeing and the games for it are ftw but… GRR BRAWL!

Answer #21

the wii is way better the the xbox. it has a great gameplay

Answer #22

wii is much much much much better than the sucking xbox 360.360 is garbage

Answer #23

I would say wiii , but maybe thts because im not a gamer exept sims - but my brothers love the xbox 360 , so for gamers the 360. x

Answer #24

this is all a matter of oppinion both have pros and cons the wiis graphics are simplistic but introduced a whole new way to play the 360 has xbox live but has been criticised for its system failure rate

Answer #25

I would say a wii because you dont have to go out and get a new xbox 360, a wii doesn’t break down like xbox 360. Your wasting your cash people $$$ a xbox 360, cost $$$300 a wii cost $$$200 it used to cost $$$300 but it was lowerd I have both consels and they both are good.,,but I would say wii.

Answer #26

The Xbox 360 is my favorite because Im into real gaming. Games always took real skill for as long as I can remember, and nitendo took that away with their “Every one can do it!”, motto. I haven’t played the ps3 but I’d like to try because anything is better than Wii. And yes, I have played the Wii. AND FINALLY, excercise… WHAT THE HELL, dont go to the Wii to lose weight because you can get more excercise from watching Family Guy for an hour than playing the wii for a WHOLE, FRIGGIN’, DAY. Sorry talking about the wii makes me lose my cool.

  • From a Xbox 360 fanboy
Answer #27

The Wii is the best the 360 is good but it is loud, overheats, cost a lot so do the games, and the controllers do not work right without the chrage pack most of it is online play and guess what you must pay to play online with the Wii online play is free and the Wii games are not just for kids I am 17 and enjoy the Wii sure a lot of the Wii games suck but zelda, metroid, and brawl there is more to come the only 360 games I like are halo 3, army of two, bioshock, and fable 2 I know its not out but I seeing the game in action and it is good and brawl is the best game I played

Answer #28

umm ok I like the wii and ds cause I think xbox games are too much alike and the fact that nintendo has better games such as pikmin 1 and 2, sonic and the secret rings, mario galaxy, elebits, wii fit, and you can play gamecube games. oh and for those faty xbox fanboys microsoft is copying wii and making wii remotes for xbox. the wii can help them get exercise you have to actually move too bad. I like the xbox I just hate those @!$#ing fanboys I like both

Answer #29

360 is better I say.im trying 2 covince my parents 2 let me buy a 360 but they just say I have a wii.

Answer #30

Xbox 360 has way better components than the Wii so it’s capable of way better graphics. The Wii games are usually cartoony and most don’t require better graphics. A large number of Xbox 360 games are shooting games, hell even the buttons in the back of the controllers look like triggers. The Wii controllers are considered to be more fun to play with since they usually require you to stand up and swing them around to play the Wii games, I for one enjoy holding my controller with two hands sitting on my couch and not hitting my mom in the face as she is walking in the room with my controller.

But thats just my opinion.. If you are going to pick one of the two pick the one wich you think would be most enjoyable for you, everyone has different tastes in video games and it’s hard to say wich one is better since they are so different.

Answer #31

xbox 360 for people who sit in their room for the whole day wii owns

Answer #32

the wii is better and more challanging! the xbox360 is for people that are lazey! thats what I thinck

Answer #33

people thw wii counts on everything its good exersice kids love that there parents can play with them and its cool and challenging.

Answer #34

wii is way crazer than xbox 360.xbox 360 is a piece of junk for weird people

Answer #35

I have to say that I own both a wii and a 360 elite. The wii is great fun due to its active methods but ny 360 is absolutely amazing! The graphics are unbelievable and the games ooohh the games. By far the better is the 360 I love my wii but god a 360 is goood.

Answer #36

I believe that they both have there ups and downs. The Wii is good for games that you have to interact in, and its kinda fun to play because you are in more control over how you play. The 360 is good because of its HD gaming and killer online multilayer games. I have a 360 and I’ve had mine for 2 years and I’ve never had the ring of death. I like my 360 and wouldn’t trade it for any system.

Answer #37

Wii’s suck cause I have both consoles and graphics on wii suck and they barley have cool games like rated m games xbox 360’s are way better and why would anyone pay for a console just to get fit they should go to a gym greatest games of all time come on xbox or ps3. And f#ck off ps3 users all you do is try to make us feel sad with big ps3’s . Yeah I wonder what would happen if you drop it

Answer #38

wii is much better and do you know why because as for me my friends kept telling me to buy a xbox 360 as it has more games than wii but wii makes you move your body and exercise instead of just lookig at the screen like a muumy while playing the xbox 360 and the xbox 360 also cannot take much use because of heat causing system failure,so in another words I prefer the WII.

Answer #39

wii, because unlike xbox360 it dosent the red ring on it and you cant play it any more. you have to buy a new one. wii dosent brake so sucks to be te xbox360.oh and the wii can be for 13,11,10,12,14,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,and more,espeshilly 9. people get wii.not the xbox360 orknown as the red ring of death so wii rules :D

Answer #40

I think it is wii becaues it if more fit and the xbox 360 all you have to do is sit on the chair/sofa and do nothing

Answer #41

I have played Xbox 360 for a long time now and has never given problems, but im giving wii a try, its fun, keeps you entertained for long, good replay value! and has a rep for a strong system, something new, and apparently good excerscise, I sa xbox wins by a scrape but Wii still rulez :D

Answer #42

the 360 is 10 times better and if you want to excersise run on a tredmeal and play but gaming is the total opposite so the shouldnt go together

Answer #43

Neither is ‘better’ it all depends on the games you want to play Xbox 360 has got the best game in the world : Halo 3, and in second (personally) Assassins Creed 2. Games on wii only are probably going to be on 360 (such as tennis) and in better graphics Everyone says you can get fit on wii, well on Xbox 360 project natal is coming out soon and is going to be way better Xbox 360 people, keep it real

Answer #44

of course it is x box 360. the games and everything.wii is for kiddies!

Answer #45

The Wii is a game made for people who aren’t big gamers The 360 is for people who like RpGs and first person shooters. Both consoles are pretty sweet if you think about it. Puzzle games work more for the Wii because that what it’s designed for, also certain sports and fighting games as well but if you’re looking for a game with depth like Halo or Call Of Duty then Xbox is the way to go.

Answer #46

Xbox 360 controller deals way betteer. The wii graphics suck and the controller is awkward to hold.

Answer #47

Wii is better because first of all xbox 360 half of the time beaks down and you can lose weight on the wii and you can do interactive game instead of just pressing buttons on a game remote. Plus, the wii has better value and you can play serious and fun games on the wii.

Answer #48

I am SO TIRED of people saying Wii is for little kids. Wii has close to 200 M rated games and close to 500 T rated games. It also has a MUCH greater game selection than Xbox, or even PS3. WII OWNS.

Answer #49

xbox 360 is better the only fun thing for wii is wii sports on xbox 360 there is halo ce, halo 2,halo 3, halo 3 odst, call of duty world at war and it has nazi zombies unlike wii

Answer #50

OF COURSE the tremendous XBOX360 I’ve had mine for about two years and I’m attached to it! lol I have a wii also but I rarely play with it, it’s mostly the xbox360 =D so yeah; if your an intense gamer I would go for the xbox360, if you like casual games or cartoony games go for the wii.

Answer #51

ps3 is the best. but 360 is better than wii

Answer #52

well I have a wii but the games are crap xbox 360 is better for gaming but if you want some family- barreled fun go into a wii. a ps3’s better by the way

Answer #53

Xbox 360 is far supirior as if you’d buy a pathetic wii, ha wii’s should all be burnt and cruched there awful graphics and just complete rubishness… All I need to say is Halo and Xbox Live.

Answer #54

360 is a piece of garbage that breaks down and you have to pay for online who the hell pays for online. Ps3 and Wii is what you should buy.

Answer #55

Xbox 360 rules. wii is pure shit.and people who like wii are either kids or immature jerks. xbox 360 may be more expensive tham wii .but atleast its a gaming console. it doesn’t have a stupid looking remote with 3 buttons and we have to act like a drunk guy.xbox 306 has a better name too.when I bought a wii ,I got so bored that I broke it. and now I have a 360 . I’m speechless. wii doesn’t play movies or songs anhas a crappy online .xbox 360 rules!!!xbox live rules!!!

Answer #56

I think that the xbox is better purely because the wii doesn’t require any particular skill to be good at it. its got little over several buttons to press, where as the xbox has loads more and requires a certain degree of skill to play. plus, on xbox, the characters have all parts of there body, not weird blobs hanging in the air. And, an xbox can have xbox live, which I think elevates it above the wii. plus, there’s a wider variety of games on the xbox 360, from action, to puzzle, to sports. wiis mainly involve sport or puzzles. and the fact that they advertise some of the games with children’s parents playing as well, I just see it as stupid. what parents would waste the remainder of their lives infront of a televison? that what kids do! not parents. the Wii has rubbish advertising, and if you want my opinion, go with the xbox if you can.

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