which is better sony PSP or Nintendo DS

which is better sony PSP or Nintendo DS for my kids 6 and 10 years from a game and educational game point of view

Answer #1

Depends…If you need it for educational purposes then the Ds…but just for entertainment…the PSP…I love gaming so I have the PSP and Tonss of gamess…

Answer #2

psp are too expensive for a childs toy , Nintendo DS is more sturdy … my two broke their Ds lites within a month but the standard DS has taken over a year of battering. type in R4 v3 into you tube and see what you can do with your nintendo DS … so many second hand games available and can be used in the car , in resteraunts (macdonalds), waiting rooms and lots more handy places

Answer #3

From an educational point of view - The nintendo Ds.

From a childs point of view - the PSP.

There are more educational and younger people games for the DS, but on the PSP, you can also watch movies and they will probley play with it longer since they have older games.

Answer #4

Probably the DS would be better for that age group. PSPs are a little advanced I would think at least 13 for that.

Answer #5

DS is the better option, its cheaper, so if it breaks, it’ll be eaiser 2 replace, it has much better games, more educational, brain training, sight training and various others!! it has a brill touch screen that im sure someone of that age would love! hell im 14 and I still love it lol. and if someone else has a DS then you can play wi-fi. and about them not being able to watch films can be easily solved really cheaply with a cartridge bought from a webite. cartridge’s called an R4, type it in and browse around for a good site! :)

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Answer #7

The PSP is better but the DS would be better for that particular age group

Answer #8

Umm PSP and DS is both good. But PSP is Better in my opinion.

Answer #9

Sony PSP. A hacked PSP with custom firmware can play pirated UMD games, home brew applications, converted PSX games, access files on your computer wirelessly, if you have a PSP 1001 with the Ir port then you can use it as a remote. All of this though is only if you have a PSP 1000 or 2000 series.

Answer #10

most definitly the psp because the games are better in the sense that the graphics are better and there are games like gta san andreas and need for speed which the nintendo has but are realy shity the psp comes equiped with wireless technology mp3 player and even working people use it if you ask me the psp is a much better choice

Answer #11

ds is better than psp 1–psp just looks better and more sophisticated. 2- ds has a built in sound activation system, touch screen very smart sensetivety 3 - on nintendogs ( a game ) you can blow on the screen and the balloons blow up!!! =O lol - 4 - brain training is great on ds aswell its very interactive and great to play with– 5– psp is more exspensive and less interactive 6 - you can buy all differant skins / accessories for the ds but its harder for psp 7-ds is small but easier to handle 8- ds can brake but the most delicate part is the hinges that connect the bottom screen to the top screen. 9- you can play old gameboy games aswell as new ds games BONUS 10- with PSP you have to buy certain exspensive psp games

my 5 year old cousin and my 9 year old cousin AND including my 14 year old cousins all have ds’s oh yh and my aunt and uncle lol I know very sad but you can buy cooking guide which is really good and my uncles started cooking twice a week now and hes had rather positive feedback!!

so good luck and hope I helped :)

Answer #12

I have a PSP and my daughter has a DS.

There is a lot of educational software and it can also play her old Gameboy Advance game cartridges so it is better for her.

The PSP graphics are amazing for a portable system. Web surfing on it is not so hot, some websites run it out of memory or don’t display right but at least I can read some news and stuff on it. The Internet radio is nice. I wish Pandora worked on my PSP because I would like to use it on the PSP.

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