which is better?

the Wii,Xbox 360, or ps3? :D

Answer #1

I personally like the PS3 in my opinion but choose which ever you like best

Answer #2

I like the ps3 best. the thing is you can still play older ps games on new ps. so better for me.

Answer #3

each one is good for there own reasons but I like the 360 the best.

Answer #4

x box360

Answer #5

I dont have a game console, but I’ve played on the 360, and it rocks

havent tried the ps3. wont bother about the Wii, nintendo sucks

Answer #6

PS3, Hands Downn..

Answer #7

each one has it’s own special goods and bads…

I’ve been a strict sony girl since PS1 came out so I have to vote..

PS3 rocks above all! it’s got eveything from F.P.S,tactical espionage,horror,slasher,music etc.

360 is great,but it has a lot of hardware failure and overheating issues..still if you like F.P.S [[first person shooter]] games this is your console.

64 is great for old school games and mario [[I love mariokart]]


I wouldn’t touch a Wii if it meant life or death,the games are too pansy for me.

Answer #8

I dont know- we have all of them and my bro likes to play his XBox, but everyone else loves Wii

Answer #9

lol well the older gaming systems arnt all that bad XD

I have da

sega, nintendo,nintendo 64, ps2,xbox, [we had da wii..I don’t know where its at any more..] and we have the game cube, to me it all matters on da controlers, haha my hands arnt all that big, compared to my brothers friends. XD so they buy da big controlers, I had to find a small one for me , I did on da ps2 :D:DD:D:D

Answer #10

or just get both like I did

Answer #11

XBOX 360 has dominated the PS3 and Sony has been losing money like crazy.

They finally admitted it after a while because they were stupid enough to make the console very expensive when they first released it. The console was alomst $650 with tax. Who is going to buy that. I’d rather buy a new computer.

They tried to convince people with Blu-Ray but who cares about Blu-Ray when it comes to playing video games. This console is suppose to be a console for gaming not for watching movies so the results were terrible. They proved their stupidity and lost millions while XBOX 360 is being sold everywhere.

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