which is better 360 psp ps3 ps2 xbox game cebe wii ds or ps1?

360 psp ps3 ps2 xbox game cebe wii ds or ps1

Answer #1

also the freakin ps3 is wayyy too expensive you might as well buy a computer… a little more and you can do soo much more with it so stick that in your pipe and smoke it

Answer #2

well I am a microsoft fan but I gotta say the wii has impressed me with it’s unique style of play. I want to get one but it’s still impossible to get one because they are STILL SELLING OUT!!! so booya!

Answer #3

super nintendo is way better then all this systems lolo im just playing I go fo Wii

Answer #4

Aha! Typical reason why people jump to the conclusion that the 360 is better : Halo 3.

Just play Resistance, its better then halo 3 anyway

And we all know that “Halo 3 is Call of Duty 4’s b!tch”

Answer #5

I don’t know why, but it didn’t pop up. at any rate, here’s the web page. it’s pretty funny, but it’s also true, so it should help. http://www.13dots.com/forum/uploads/monthly_01_2008/post-2-1199764500_thumb.jpg

Answer #6

Im diggin the 360 and the Wii.

I like the 360 because it does have a lot of awesome games, Call of duty 4 is the shizz, halo is pretty cool, guitar hero graphics are amazing. But I do agree with jello my 360 has broken down (aka red lighted) which kinda sucks.

The Wii Has tons of fun games too. Super smash brothers brawl is the game of the year, mario kart is fun. I like them both.

I never really tried the PS3 yet

Answer #7

FACTS: Xbox 360: -it has a 30% failure rate
-Xbox live fees -Core systems prevent developers from using HDD for games -WIFI and HD-DVD only avialiable through add-on, not built in -DVD space forcing devolopers to cut out game content to fit on one disk -No internet browser -Large External Power Brick

PS3 -Blueray, WIFI, and HDD built into all PS3s -shorter loading times -Online Gaming FREE!

  • .2% failure rate
  • supports up to 7 wireless controllers / headsets
  • 4 USB ports -Improoved Graphics -Recharge cable for controller comes with PS3 (unlike the 360) -Motion Sensor SIXAXIS Controller

PS3 Game Exclusivities:

Gran Turismo 5 Motorstorm Final Fantasy 13! Resistance Uncharted Metal Gear Solid 4! LAIR Ratchet and Clank Tekken 6

Answer #8

But the games suck the graphics arent better my 360 isnt broken 360 has halo 3 and 360 does come with a charger and all the exclusives except for motorstorm are so freaken gay who would want final fantasy and it loads the same controllers do come with headsets stupid and the reason I didnt reply then is because I wasnt on the computer

Answer #9

Wii is fun for a new & interesting style of game play. PS3 has the best graphics, however, unless you really like racing games, the selection is slim to none on that console. I love my PS3, I just wish there were more games I could get into.

Now, if the 360 was the same calibur graphics & things as the PS3 & had blu-ray…then, the 360 would be gaming nirvana.

Answer #10

I love the wii

Answer #11

I’m addicted to the Wii right now. :)

Answer #12

Yea thats right, you got nothin.

Answer #13

Reasons that the 360 is better???

Answer #14

Nerd: Mariokart is AWESOME!!!

I’m into wii and DSlite at the moment. But I’m loyal to Nintendo :D

Answer #15

I’m digging the Wii right now for only one reason: MARIOKART!!!

Answer #16

360 is way better than ps2 or ps3

Answer #17

PS3 or PS2

Ewww 360 is the worst game console in history ~_~

Answer #18

PS3,PS2,or 360 Over all PS3, but if you want something cheap go for PS2

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