which email host is best, Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail?

yahoo, gmail, hotmail or anything else?? I using yahoo right now, I think yahoo’s server get too busy this day so I cant login well sometimes

Answer #1

I have an account on all 3, of all hotmail is by far the best. I spend a lot of time attaching files and I’ve found hotmail to be the quickest.

Answer #2

I use hotmail but I’ve been wanting to switch to gmail it automatically refreshes your browser every so often so you know immediately when you have new mail without having to refresh and you can search through your emails…

Answer #3

Gmail hands down.

When I was doing my ICT diploma, the vast amjority of all users used gmail. Including me. Fast, private, secure, best spam filter and unlike Hotmail it doesnt have promotin mail (like when hotmail sends all hotmail accounts an email telling you new stuff)

Answer #4

It really depends on what YOU are looking for in an e-mail service. If you are looking for a user interface that closely resembles that of a traditional e-mail program, you will probably like the new Yahoo! mail. If you are into trying the new things, you might enjoy Gmail; it offers a different way of organizing your mail; instead of folders, you have a combination of “labels” and “conversations”. Hotmail… I really don’t know what to say. It’s a usable Web-based mail application, but that’s about it.

Gmail seems to have the best spam filtering, although I must admit I don’t use Gmail enough to see whether it simply tends to err the other way (I.e., filter legitimate mail out as spam). Hotmail, in my experience, has the worst spam filtering out of the three, but not much worse than Yahoo!.

In terms of storage space allotted, Yahoo! wins hands down with its unlimited storage (although Gmail’s 6GB is also quite generous).

Personally, I use Yahoo! a lot, both the free version and the paid service that I got as a part of a hosting package (Web site + e-mail). It fits well with my usage style. Gmail, conversely, feels a little experimental, and I am not sure if I am the experimenter or the test animal. :) There was a time when Yahoo’s performance was spotty (strangely, on the paid server; the free one was doing just fine), but since I upgraded my hosting plan (and simultaneously got a price reduction), I have had no reasons to complain.

Answer #5

I’m a hotmail gal.

Answer #6

I prefer hotmail out of yahoo and hotmail, but I haven’t had Gmail so I’m not sure what that is like.

Answer #7

I say aim its easier and you get instant messaging

Answer #8

I personally think hotmail/msn is. ;)

yahoo is sh** compared to hotmail.

Answer #9

personaly, I love gail the best. It’s a lot more personal. Nothing to get in the way of reading your mail.

Answer #10

I love yahoo

Answer #11

Gmail is great, automatically saves your drafts as you type (in case you accidentily close the window,…), the spam filters work like a charm and you can use it with an e-mail client like Mozilla’s Thunderbird or Microsoft’s Outlook/Mail (for free, unlike Hotmail, not sure about Yahoo). You can use it when applying for jobs, unlike Yahoo/Hotmail. Seriously, who is even going to consider hiring someone who puts down one of those e-mail addresses? Half the time you get too much spam in your inbox and the rest of the time you have to go look in your unwanted folder for e-mails you need. Plus those services are mostly used by teenagers, so yeah… I’d say Gmail!

Answer #12

gmail is awesome yahoo sucks

Answer #13

I like hotmail the best.

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