Which do you prefer and why? Xbox 360 vs PS3?

I’m finding that more and more people seem very opinionated on this topic, so I’m looking for your input. Which do you think is better? I’m a huge fan of the 360, all the games that I want to play come out for it, whereas with the PS3, has next to no games that I want to play that aren’t already available for the 360.

Answer #1

I have a PS3 but I bought it to watch Blu-Ray movies.

Answer #2

I thought this war had already ended. Most rational (non-fanboy) people would agree that both are very good systems with very good games, and when it comes down to it, they are practically identical. I think at this point, the only people who trumpet one over the other are teenagers who can’t afford to buy both and so must rabidly defend the choice they were forced to make.

The rest of us have jobs and see no need to choose sides. Myself, there are some PS3 games that I would love to play (GoW, Heavy Rain to name to recent examples), but not enough to make me buy one. If I had a PS3, I would be saying the EXACT same thing about the 360.

I think Yahtzee summed up the console wars best: ‘’The Wii is an excitable little yappy bastard, good with children but a little exhausting. The PS3 is a big dependable black monster, slow but loveably bringing in your slippers every morning, and the 360 is just a good all-rounder that only occasionally pisses itself and dies.’’


Answer #3

360 I have had the worst like with any kind of Play Staiton all have broken down on me

Answer #4

isnt the xbox 360 and ps3 the same price? depending on the memory, but theres one from each side that are 299? Just a heads up if you buy a xbox360, you may run into problems such as disc read error or the rings of death. that is only when you play too much and too long. and never stand your 360 I got disc read error on mine. but 360 totally rules over ps3.

Answer #5

Oh man, I love Yahtzee, and yes Mikeh, I’m a broke university student who can’t afford to buy both =) I don’t think I’d be picking up a PS3 unless I was rolling in money though. Only game I like for it is Little Big Planet.

Thanks for the answers guys.

Answer #6

Xbox 360 FTW (for the win). I have both game system but never did touch the PS3 except a couple of times when I wanted to watch Halo Legends. The enter and exit dise for the PS3, I find it totally unsexy. I heard it is easy to get banned over the net, and it is hard to find an online match. Theres a lot of post about 360 vx PS3, you should take a look at them for answers.

Answer #7

xbox 360 for the win.

I had it for about 10 months. only 1 ROD. and it work perfect online is great.

PS3 can go jump off a bridge

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