Which do you like best, the Zune, Zen, or iPod?

I just bought a Zune a couple months ago and it’s really awesome, you can get the same podcasts through the Zune marketplace as on iTunes and it also has a radio receiver so I can pick up FM signals in the US, Europe, and Japan. It’s very easy to download music, rip CDs or whatever. Battery life is great. I guess it’s only drawback compared to the iPod is appearance. It doesn’t have that sleek, cool look. .

Still, I’d like to hear from others…do you like the Microsoft Zune, the Creative Labs Zen (also excellent) or the iPod?

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iPod wannabes…hmmm…not really. The iPod used to dominate the digital music device market until Microsoft, Creative Labs, Compaq and others started competing.

The Zen actually is best for downloading music since it has no DRM restrictions like iTunes and can use everything from Napster to Yahoo. ANd like I say the Zune has a radio receiver and wireless capability.

So I don’t see how they’re wannabes since they came out with new features that forced the iPod to improve its own product to compete.

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Obviously Ipod…

Well, I have ipod classic, I like very much. I bought it through online coupons which referred by my one friend. He got that source from here - discounts.shopathome.com/Specials.aspx

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DRM stops you from putting the music onto the Creative Zen. DRM (Digital Rights Managment) is put onto almost every song in both the marketplace and ITMS specifically so you can only use there songs with there producs.

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I prefer the iPod - the iPod always seems to be one step ahead of most other MP3 players (as are most Apple products in general). One thing I wish the iPod would have that most other MP3 players have is and FM radio, and a microphone for recording. I would love to get myself an iPod Touch…

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Actually you can put iTunes and Zune marketplace music on the Zen. Ever hear of an external hard drive?

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ok I had a zenvplus I had it fo 2 years almost maybe 3 and it died :1 ya soo yesterday I got an ipod chomatic ITS WAY MORE AWSOME THAT MA ZEN

         SO IPOD
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Hmmm…iPod wannabes…not really. The iPod used to dominate the digital music player market until Microsoft and Creative Labs started in, offering new features on their devices that forced Apple to upgrade their to compete.

The Zen actually has access to the widest music database. It’s not locked into iTunes or the Zune Marketplace, and has no DRM restrictions. Also, the Zune like I say has a radio receiver and wireless capability.

So I don’t how they’re wannabes, since they have features that iPod doesn’t and also forced iPod to improve its product through competition.

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Personally, I believe the iPod is overrated. I’m not saying the the iPod is a bad product. Just look at the above figure: 75-80% of the marketplace is phenomenal, and a bad mp3 player would not occupy such. The menus seem intuitive enough, and the casing is nice and smooth. However, the iPod has issues, such as the automatic sync, sub-par battery life, and the hyperactive click wheel. Sound quality is horrible when listening to standard issue iPod headphones. I’m not sure if that’s due to the iPod itself or the headphones.

The Zune is also a great product, but it too has issues. As mentioned, the screen resolution does not look attractive on the larger screen. In fact, it can look downright cruddy. It’s complete lack of compatibility with the Mac OS is also saddening. I would purchase it if not for this fact.

I’ve never personally experienced a Zen but have done research on it. The SD slot, large screen, and affordable price are definite pros. With the SD slot, I can carry virtually my whole library with me in a few 1gb cards. It lacks straightforward Mac compatibility, but that can be easily fixed with the addition of an iTunes app (too bad it doesn’t work for Zunes!). The FM tuner is a fun little extra not included in the iPod. The sounds quality is arguable better than the iPod as well.

My pick is the Zen. While not as sleek as the iPod or as fun as the Zune, it’s the best option for me, which is why I’m buying one tomorrow. 4gb w/expandable memory for only 87.98? You bet!

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iPod is my favorite. and I’ve had the ipod, a zune and something called an sansa shaker.

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Im pretty sure the screen quality on all of the iPods are the same as the zunes. The resoultions for all zunes and all iPods (not including the touch)are something like 320x240. So that means the bigger the screen the worse it look. Therefore the nano is going to look the best than the classic than the zune. So really the zune screen, although bigger, will look worse than the ipods.

and the iPod still is dominating the marketplace… I mean as you can see everyone on this forum except for the poster likes the iPod better. I think they have about 75-80% market share… Holding that much of the market for years upon years is unheard of.

And no the creative zen doesn’t have a larger base of music to select from. Because you can’t put music from the zune marketplace or the iTunes music store on it. So really the Zune and iPod both have easier ways to obtain music for players.

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the zune is the best there services are amazing $14 a month for unlimited down loads or 99cent. a song it has much beter picture quality than the ipod and zen larger screens and easyer to navigate thru you can send music wirleesly from zune to zune it is so cool me and my bros from work do it all the time the only thing bad about the zune it I was doing some work and got eletracuted by an outlet and it messed up my zune a bit

I had an ipod and now I have a zune I think the zune is the best

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Right now, I have an iPod video. Well, I also heard the video is a classic, but I don’t know. Before I got my iPod, I had a Zen. The Zen is a pretty good Mp3 player, but I’ve adjusted to my iPod very well, and I have to say I think the iPod is much better. The others are good too, but as someone before me said, they are NOT copycats. lol just wanted to make that clear.

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iPod…that’s the only one that I can figure out and that’s okay with me since it does everything that I want it to

Answer #15

I don’t have anything against any of the others, but my iPod has never done me wrong.

Answer #16

iPod, those others are ipod want to be’s.

Answer #17

I acutally got the zune for christmas but I really don’t like it I mean the features are good and every thing but its plain out huge…it just doesn’t look very sleek or thin like the Ipod but if that doesn’t brother you then yea the zune is probably the best but I’m stinkin to my Ipod

Answer #18

iPod… I can’t get used to anything else… it’s grown on me!

Answer #19

definitly the iPod!

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