where is a good place to go on a honeymoon???

Answer #1

I just got back from thailand and it was AMAZING! it was not paid for by us but maybe you can pay for it! have a good honeymoon!

Answer #2

if I had it to do over…would defently go with the Poconos…and yes they cater to your every need. Research accomidations…you’ll be amazed. And gl

Answer #3

I have delt with sandals twice and loved both trips. I really like the all inclusive. Went to Jamicia and to St. Lucia. you get treated so nice

Answer #4

The Caribbean…(any one of the Caribbean islands e.g The Bahamas, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Tobago, Antigua etc.)

Answer #5

it depends on your budget. out of the country would always be amazing! :) especially ireland.

Answer #6

exotic places 2!!!

Answer #7

Toadaly…Motel 6!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously!!

If you want “exotic”, then: -Australia or New Zealand -Turkey (Istanbul and the Mediterranean coast) -Dubai (practically the entire city has been built in the last 15 years) -South Africa (places like Cape Town and Durban are NOT like most Americans think of Africa…they are modern coastal cities like Miami…not much different than Jamaica) -Dominican Republic (tropical, but very impoverished outside of resorts) -Europe (Paris, Rome, Athens…just don’t plan on going to the “touristy” places…you may like the presence of your new spouse…but waiting in line for hours won’t be) -Alaska (provided your honeymoon isn’t in January) -Costa Rica -Argentina -Israel (just stay away from the borders with the West Bank and Gaza)

Answer #8

Depending on your budget and your interests (in no particular order)

  • Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
  • Florida keys
  • Bahamas
  • more exotic Caribbean locations
  • Hawaii
  • Tahiti
  • Grand Canyon
  • Europe
  • Lake Tahoe
  • New Zealand
  • Yellowstone park
  • Alaskan cruise
  • Motel 6
Answer #9

my mom and dad went to Hawaii

Answer #10

Poconos in Pa. They cater to newlyweds.

Answer #11

Domican Republic. Absolutely beautiful there.

Answer #12

hawaii is the most common one

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