Where should I go?

Where should I go for my vacation because this year my mom let me choose and im not so sure so where should I go???

Answer #1

everything confused lil girl said, I’m partial to florida, because well I live here, but I’ve been to new york and canada, both nice places… depends on what you like to do? beach stuff then fl/cali or hey if you can afford it hawaii is amazing, but if you want to see/do stuff then you might want to go to new york

Answer #2

New york florida california canada(but you need a passport) hawaii cuba(I think you need a passport) central america(passport) mexico(passport)

any where near the carribian is nice!!

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Answer #4

Maybe you can try to come to my country, Singapore. Its a sunny country.. Or rather let’s call it a big island. Our 4 seasons are all summer. And its safe in our country. We have only few or dont have any village or some sort of countryside places. The food here are great. We are multi races country. Which means that we have different races in our country. Such as chinese, malay, india and caucasian. So we have large variety of food to choose.

At first, you may not like our weather. Cause its like quite warm. But once you get used to it, everything should be fine.

Good luck! ^^

Answer #5

Hey. You should go to Puerto Rico. You don’t need a Passport, you can use US money, They have everything that you have in the main US, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Barnes&Noble, Circuit City, Best Buy etc. Big Malls etc. Also there are Casinos, amazing white sand clear water beaches, There is this Cave System that you can go that has a river inside and can go scuba diving it it.

The island is only 100miles long and 35 miles from north to south. Best thing is go to a car rental and travel the island. Be careful because they drive like crazy people. They even pass you on the shoulder of the road.

I was born there and then joined the US Marines and now live in North Carolina.

Answer #6

are you planning to go outta the us?

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