where should I get a tattoo?

I want too get my boyfriends name. but where should I put it.

Answer #1

do it only if he agrees to put your name tattoo on him also.

Answer #2

dont do it! You don’t know how your relationship will end up then you will regret it in the long run! :)

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Answer #4

the worls most regreeted tattoos are names of friends, boyfreinds/girlfreind.lovers and band names an symbols while you may think its going to “last forever” now chances are, it wont and youll regreet the tattoo so much, because his name will be on you, even when you get a new boyfreind the only way to get it removed is with expensive laser removal do yourself a favour, dont get it perhaps just get something like a star, heart or butterfly to remember him, instead of his name

Answer #5

…There’s only one place a name of a partner should be on you, and that’s on the bottom of your foot…where you keep your power, (s)he is willing to serve you, and where you don’t mind them being should they ever betray you or leave you..smaller is better than globby, and, well, I don’t suggest a tattoo at all, but if someone can’t take being there, they’re not a true partner anyway, providing both of you understand that the tattoo’s not placed there to abuse or use the person dependently or otherwise. If you choose another spot, remember, too, that the traditional colors for tattooing are all the colors of a fresh bruise on up through a healing bruise (purple/navy, dinge-red, rotting green, and grayed orange/yellow..). Titanium dioxide (white) can brighten it up, but beware of allergic reaction. When I see tattoos, I am not attracted to the coloring, but, as an artist, I looked into something called micro-pigmentation, or more commonly called “permanent make-up”. I bought all the supplies and the course because the colors are fresh, like make up, or you can make natural shadowing, skin correction and even tattoo on nipples for one with breast reconstruction after cancer. My favorite colors when I see recreational skin art, are those of the color of nutmeg and milk chocolate combined with white in the design. As a painter I dislike the appearance of traditional tattoo colors on skin because the skin itself makes the whole finished product look dingy, like faux antique crafts are made…first, they paint, then they put a wood stain over the whole thing once it’s dry making it look aged and dusty. Sure you want a traditional tattoo? I would first go look up hormone-inspired behavior in Wikipedia, particularly oxytocin. You might be thinking it’s you that wants the tattoo, or that it represents commitment. oxytocin does drop, it’s supposed to once stage two rolls in, and it always rolls in. At this point you are still usually with your partner, but often spending every morning throwing up. This is the time when the tattoo is more than on the back burner.

Answer #6

hmmm oh your back right above yur yur waist it would look so cute and it wont be as painful good luck:)

oh and just in case dont put your boyfriend name put something like lover or something meaningful so if you dont last if can mean something else in your other relationship

Answer #7

Whatever you do don’t get your boyfriends name, sure you maybe in love now but things change, and if you need to ask for advice on where to get a tattoo you should not be getting one in the first place, Good Luck

Answer #8

not a good idea. I will never ever tattoo a guys name on my body. im 23 and have learnt my lessons too many regrets. so instead get a tattoo of his zodiac sign and your’s instead. idkk it seems lil better so that way if it didnt work out you could always get tattoo’d all the zodiac signs. lol thats something im gunna do. im getting a tattoo in 2 weeks of a heart with flames and my zodiac in the middle and gunna leave it open incase I want to add on to it. good luckk.

Answer #9

superfresh has raised a very good point. If you do something like this, not only may your boyfriend think it’s possessive (this is not uncommon), but if something bad is to happen between you and your boyfriend or things don’t work out then the tattoo is going to sit there as a constant reminder of a bad time in your life. For now, show him how much you care about him in other ways and maybe if things stay good between you and him, you should consider something like this.

Tattoos are what you would call permanent (of course they ‘can’ be removed). If you do eventually decide to get it removed, not only will the physical pain be worse (than when you actually got the tattoo), but it will be closely followed by the emotional pain. Even if you are over somebody, erasing the memories you have of them can still hurt. I know that a little tattoo seems like a nice idea and it truly is. You just need to wait until you are absolutely certain of things before you actually do something like this. Cherish the time you have with him and if things just keep getting better, then talk to him about this (don’t just do it out of the blue).

Good luck with your relationship and I hope this helps a bit :)!

Answer #10

OMH.. PLEASE DO NOT GET HIS NAME TATTOOED ON YOURSELF.. you may think it is a good idea now.. but tattoos are permanent..and if you do get it removed, it will hurt more than getting the tattoo… and secondly, he is your boyfriend.. key words boy friend.. not your husband.. nothing is guaranteed both ways, but there is less of a chance of survival than being your husband.. please think about this.. good luck..

Answer #11

If you guys have been together for a long time…I know nothing is guaranteed…but come on, love is a chance. So you will be taking a chance getting a tattoo of his name. I took that chance when I got a tattoo of my boyfriend (now husband) name. I got mine on my inner wrist…LOVE IT!! Don’t listen to everyone else; I got told the same thing..even by my tattoo artist. It’s your body, do with it what you want. But do make sure it is what you want..it is permanent. Good Luck!!

Answer #12

I would advise you not to get your boyfriends name… I loved my boyfriend very much, thought I was going to be with him forever… tattooed his initials on my hip… and we broke up 2 days ago… don’t do it…

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Answer #14

u shouldnt get his name put the day you guys started going out or get mathcing tattoes…

Answer #15

dont do..but if yu do put it sumwer non visible

Answer #16

dont listen to them youll know if you should or not its your body. I met my boyfriend 2yrs ago were way happy just had a baby boy and he has my named tattooed on him and I have his and my sons, go with your heart youll know. :)

Answer #17

your lower hip, right on your bikini line so he can see it there

Answer #18

I dont think yu should get it becaue you guys could break up any day. It could be today or tomorrow. (not tryna jinx yu or anything) but me & my 2 homeboys were talkin the other day & they suggested something not very smart but it sounded like a good idea the 1st 2 minutes.. If yu do happen to get it done & yu guys break up, add r.I.p to it because they have to die sometime.

Answer #19

please please please dont get your boyfriends name! if you really think youll be together forever then get married!!!

Answer #20

Dont do it.. If you break up, you will go through hell trying to forget him while everytime you look at your tattoo it will remind you of him.. If you are going to get something with his name get a charm or necklace.. its sentimental but not forever just incase.

Answer #21

DONT DO IT untill you know that there is something bewteen you and him but if you know there is somthing ill still wont do it because you never know but where I would get it at is like my lower back but not on the spine because it would hurt like nothing eles you know you have to put it on some kind of meat so it wont hurt that much but I would not get that when I turn 18 in about 6 months im gettin a tatt of a angel with a broken wings its sayin like in an angel but im still not perfect you know if this is your first tatt than do something that yourll like but untill you think you two will be forever than do do it trust me that crap aint comin off without pain so ya just put something that you like on your body thats what ill do

Answer #22

Thats the problem with Young. Too Wreckless. Dont think you just run you and your car off a cliiff. Stop that. If you are under 20 this is aweful. Young people change their minds like most people change underware. you dont start to think clear untill your 22.

And that guy who makes your heart sing now could be a player, hes making you and 4 other women happy.

Also you might like another guy next month. what are going to do with the tatoo then.

you know what go ahead and do it. Have your fun, live it up till he breaks your heart. Thats the only way some people learn. Just make sure if you get his name put on U, do it right. Have them put his name on your FOREHEAD. Come on hang your balls out there - Your going to be in love forever right. hehe Ya the forehead.

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